Alexander Averin

Sunday, 21 October 2012

You've Been Trumped

Try and watch this documentary if you missed it on BBC2 tonight (Sunday)

It has impressed cinema audiences around the world. 

The journalist who made the film writes in the link below.


Frances said...

Ahhh Cait, Trump has already cast his tasteless power stroking over many parts of the city in which I live. His name is a label on many buildings. That does not always mean that his actual money was always involved.

His talent for self promotion is large.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Dreadful man.

TF said...

A bad card methinks :O TFx

Friko said...

Nasty creep; we must make sure he fails.

Kay G. said...

This is one American who does not care for Donald Trump. Not one bit.
And I would love to see this documentary if I get the chance to do so. (Will they ever air it on American television? Seems doubtful, doesn't it?)
Good for those people in Scotland standing up to him, the big bully with money.