Alexander Averin

Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Reading Season

The Reading Season

It is the reading season;
we do not ask for much
our call a plea for human hibernation.
Come Winter-tide, Wales tests us all.
When snow is forecast, all is gloom
and libraries fill with starving folk.
All seeking words to warm themselves upon.
All seeking books to lose themselves within
and so it is fine weather for the words.
Beloved books will always be a loyal friend,
a blanket of pure comfort, an escape,
a goose down duvet or a featherbed so soft,
a touchstone for the soul when life is hard.
Our needs are simple now and fill one tiny space:
a fire of logs or coal, a comfy chair, a throw,
a mug of cocoa, hot toddy or a glass of red,
a book or two to raise the spirit, test the mind,
cause blood to warm, bring hearts to ease
and keep us from this season’s dark and chill.

Cait O’Connor


mollygolver said...

My sentiments exactly Cait

ds said...

"Fine weather for the words"--especially your words. And so true about the books! Thank you, Cait!

Mark said...

Nicely put.

Just hope the library budgets maintain the same love of books

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I just love this part:

All seeking words to warm themselves upon.
All seeking books to lose themselves within
and so it is fine weather for the words.

Indeed. I am warming myself on your wonderful words!

Hope you are well and warm.

Posie said...

Absolutely love the image of a book being a 'blanket of pure comfort', it just captures books so well.
Cait at a time where I rarely delve into poetry books, I used to devour them as a teenager, it is lovely to spend time on your blog as there is always an inspiring piece of poetry, and some music to soothe the soul.
Best wishes

Toni aka irishlas said...

So true, so true...

Ruth said...

How well our reading posts align! I echo every word of your warm, lovely poem, and I might add two huge piles of books that are quickly becoming three . . .


A wonderful way to spend winter. And that photo!! Ahh, the sheepish countryside of Wales. What a view you have. That is a stunning photograph.

Debs Carr said...

Beautifully put and exactly how I'd like to spend my time in the cold weather. Perfect.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Cait,

This poem really 'hit the spot' as they say here in the US.
I do not come to your lovely blog often enough.
I'm sure I have missed so many wonderful poems and stories.
I would really like to link to your poem with your blog credit on my facebook and blog
It needs to be read more widely!
Would that be OK?

Fennie said...

One of the very great joys in life and one that is now practically alas extinct (leastways among adults) is being read to. I wonder whether libraries could arrange pairings between lonely people to read to each other?

Dave King said...

Amen to all that. Brilliantly and beautifully expressed.

Elizabeth said...

My dear teacher friend Gracie (also a poet!)
LOVED your poem and commented on it on my facebook page. (married name Elizabeth SCHMID)
she is someone whose opinion I really respect.
Put your poem (with credit) at the bottom of my last post

I do hope lots of people get to read it because it is so
Snowstorm here.
I'm reading a silly book about Los Angeles to escape!

Exmoorjane said...

Where, oh where, would we be without books? My one huge fear is that my eyesight will fade and I won't be able to read. Confess I am coming round to my Kindle for this - at least can up the print size! jxxxx

Nan said...

Perfect, perfect, Cait! My sheepys don't leave the barnyard these days. They would sink down to their necks if they ventured further.

Wisewebwoman said...

Lovely words, Cait.

CAMILLA said...

Apologies for coming here late dear Cait.

Very true indeed about the books Cait, and so beautifully wrote about.