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Monday 15 October 2012

Rip Off Britain- car insurance

I am thinking of having a special section for this subject.

Rip Off  Britain.

This is a copy of an email I sent to this website

You asked for stories concerning car insurance renewal quotes as in the article on your website you say:

Evidence suggests that some car insurers are offering sky-high renewal quotes even when they are willing to insure for a lower price.

Drivers have found their insurer offering cheaper quotes for the same cover as their renewal offer through comparison websites. 

It means that rather than quoting prices based on a driver's circumstances, insurers are taking a punt that loyal customers will accept a higher price without question, even if it could afford to insure them for less.

(

This is my experience.

My renewal notice came through recently at £205 from Swintons, I have been with them for some years now.

My husband rang and tried to get a lower quote from the brokers, Swinton Insurance,....... and was quoted £170.

I went on to the great website money supermarket, found a quote for £105 and purchased it online. I was pleasantly surprised as this quote was for fully comprehensive and we had only asked Swintons for third party, fire and theft on the phone as that is what we always have. .

Guess who this lower quote for a more comprehensive insurance package was with?  (£100 lower).  Swinton Insurance.

I received in the post a schedule of insurance today for £170 so as you probably understand (Swintons pretended not to!) I was very worried and confused as I had only paid (I hoped!) £105 online to purchase the cheaper policy.

It took two phone calls to Swinton Insurance for it not to be explained  what was going on.  I have demanded that a receipt and an explanatory letter (in plain English) are sent to me today.

While I was on the phone to Swintons my husband checked our bank account and thank God only £105 had been taken.  The insurance doesn't run out till the end of the month so they are a bit eager aren't they?

The first woman at Swintons treated me like a child and the second man was more helpful and spoke English but he called it getting a discount.  He had called it cashback to my husband in an earlier call.

Not what I call it.  How about you?


Mac n' Janet said...

Our biggest rip off is our flood insurance that we're required to carry because we live on a flood plain near a river. There has never been a flood where we live, the value of our house has gone down because of the recession (read depression) our house is built 14 feet above the ground and yet our insurance has gone up every year. I have fought with the agent (the government sets the rate all I can do is change what's covered) so the contents of the house are no longer covered and we have $20,000 deductible, isn't that nice. And it costs more than our regular house insurance which covers everything, including contents. I just hate it.

Vee said...

Guess that insurance companies/cell phone companies/cable tv providers/etc., do similarly all over. Special fees for new customers to entice them and higher prices for the regulars. Frustrating. (My subscription for a magazine was coming due and I decided that it wouldn't be renewed for the price had gone up and it was one little thing I could do to save a dollar. Would you believe that they sent me a notice that I would be eligible for a 65% reduction? I can't imagine why, but I'm taking it.) It pays to shop around. All the best with obtaining good car insurance for a fair price.

Dave King said...

Yup, the stories just keep multiplying. You can always find someone worse off than yourself - and the reverse. Can't be broadcast too often. Well done.

Fennie said...

Most interesting, Cait. I must admit I have never bothered to check because we use the car for the business as well. But I may have to.