Alexander Averin

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Just a poem for National Poetry Day

Frank and Felicity/A Marriage

Passion was in hiding somewhere that night

and even the moon was absent for their union

in their honeymoon bed of half-measures

and pale imitations.  For his movements were too clumsy,

or bungling with half-baked hamhandedness.

The marriage of hobo and dreamer?  Such a bad idea

but he had been blessed with the gift of quackery

and on the Nile in a faded felucca

he had charmed himself into her heart.

A gypsy had foretold her a future of

a life with no fun with a man in fine fettle

who would stand stubbornly in his own light which

shaded her too and faded her dreams till they died.

A wasted life with a man, feckless and foolhardy,

a would-be pirate destined to roam and to be

a dark mystery,  a cowboy, a dare-devil desperado.

Cait O’Connor


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Love your poem today, bitter-sweet and evocative, brought to mind a visit I paid once to a gypsy, her prediction came true funnily enough.


Mac n' Janet said...

Oh how sad! Great imagery Cait.

Lynn said...

Powerful and poignant . . . both are shackled.