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Monday, 29 November 2010

Minus 18

Sorry it is yet another poem and not a proper blog. It is so cold in my study that I am not keen on spending much time at the computer; the log fire is much more inviting. There is not much on my mind these last few days other than keeping warm.

I hope normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

I was inspired to write this little poem though.

Minus 18

I have walked this day in sunshine
and in the lighted snow,
have found there can still be joy
amongst the cruellest, fiercest cold
for I have trod amongst diamonds
and as frosted jewels surrounded me,
I was made rich.

Two well-fed dogs ran beside me;
covered in white, all sniff and snuffle,
racing and falling, they would laugh and rise again.

Among the maiden snowfall,
across the field and by the frozen river’s side
lay snow prints of a record-breaking, freezing winter’s night;
fine drawings in a stark and saddened monochrome;
lines drawn by otters, foxes, badgers and the rest,
all had crossed this hardened, whitened winterland
but were they writ in hope or desperation?

Cait O’Connor


Tom Foolery said...

Stay warm. Love the poen :) TFx

Toni aka irishlas said...


Lovely poem as always, though, I could feel the cold through your words...

I don't think I'd leave the fireside!

Mark said...

Great photos - good weather for poetry I think

Margie said...

Beautiful poetry Cait, I was there with your every word. Keep the chill at bay and continue to be inspired by nature as your poem is a definite overflow of spontaneous emotion. Hugs, Margie.

Bovey Belle said...

"There is not much on my mind these last few days other than keeping warm."

I'm with you with that sentiment! Rural Carmarthenshire is probably on a par with your neck of the woods.

I found your blog from Wild Somerset Child's link and just wanted to say what a beautiful poem . . .

elizabethm said...

Fabulous pictures and love the poem too.

CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

Just trying to catch up, lovely wintry snowy pics Cait, I love the snow but it is soo cold at the moment, trying to keep the woodburner continually lit to stay warm, having the central heating too is not always an option, too expensive.!

Cait, that Poem you have posted is just wonderful - Minus 18, please do send this up to a Poetry Competition, you write so well Cait.