Alexander Averin

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dear Diary,

Our River

It’s been too long again since I last blogged.   I can offer no worthy excuses; there is only life as usual and a respiratory virus that is doing the rounds which has laid me low and sapped my energies..  But whatever I am doing I would rather be writing and am with you in spirit if nothing else.

I am on the mend now I think because I have spent time this weekend beginning to put the garden to bed.  This I have delayed as long as possible in order to shorten its winter sleep.   Everything looks bedraggled though as it always does at this time of year and I don‘t think I have ever cleared up so many leaves as I have this year. -  I long for one of those attractive, inspiring winter gardens full of colourful touches  like winter jasmine, hellebores, viburnum, mahonia and witchhazel, I read that there is even a winter flowering cherry called a Prunus Autumnalis Rosea.  I do have a daphne which is always a delight when it flowers and a dogwood with its gorgeous red stems.  And my much-loved cyclamens which seem to like this Welsh upland.
Come spring I will have forgotten all about these ideas for winter and I will never get around to planting any winter brighteners for next year.   Never mind,  I will look forward to January and the arrival of my snowdrops because from then on the only way is up.  I quite like the snow when  it comes because it bestows its own special  beauty on the garden, frosts do too and my favourite of all are the hoar frosts.  There are lots of red berries this year which tells me that we are in for another hard winter - I must prepare myself for another hefty leccy bill.  I always enjoy being in the garden as my mind can wander and I often get ideas or inspiration to write something.  It is certainly relaxing but exhausting at the same time which is probably what a body needs to be well.

The dark evenings are upon us which means the days are short; thank God for log fires and our ancient Rayburn which we have resurrected of late as it has been soooo cold.  Winter has its many blessings and as long as I can keep warm I am happy but even so, time outside in all weathers is essential to keep that black dog at bay.

There was an exciting happening last week.  M saw two otters playing in our river - in the daytime!  I was indoors at the time so I missed them and was naturally green with envy.  We are wondering of they have made a home nearby and will be on otter watch from now on.  I shall keep you posted.

I will leave with a song, it is so well-known, is somehow eternal and the subject is peace - on a day when people think of the dead in warfare both past and present I always wish we could have such a day to try and bring about peace in our time with maybe the wearing of white flowers.

Bye for now,
Go mbeannai Dia duit,


Mark said...

I would so like to see an otter in Wales, but though I know where they are I have never actually seen one in anger. One day.

Frances said...

Cait, hoping that you will be feeling top notch soon. Meanwhile, I do thank you for yet another wonderful post, that allowed me to have a glimpse of life in a place so different from where I live.

In this apartment building, the oil-fueled heating boiler furnace in the basement gives us more heat then we truly need. I have no chance at all of seeing an otter in a nearby river stream.

I absolutely share your wish for more peace amongst folks all around the world. When I see how folks jostle each other with their short tempers on the subway trains, or even in the shop, I wonder.


CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

So sorry to hear you have had dreaded virus, hope you are now feeling better. I take honey daily in the hope that any bugs stay away.

Otters are so lovely, they are my favourite too.

Love the Joan Baez music, take me back to long ago.

Autumn I think has come in more like winter this year, and we are to have snow by mid-week, so glad that the heating oil is topped up and plenty of logs for the woodburner. Stay warm Cait.