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Sunday, 10 June 2007

Homework. Music Matters and More

Dear Diary,

A very hot morning, who needs to go to the South of France? Sorry Sally, I didn’t mean that, I love France. There are probably only two other countries that I could live in, they are Ireland of course and France. I’m sure I was French in a past life - anyone else out there have past life memories?

Above are some photos of our dogs, the garden, the river and the field. I had fun yesterday taking snaps in the glorious sunshine. I haven’t taken any photos for ages but, inspired again, I have decided to set the camera up on a tripod today and take some zoomy-in ones of the wildlife visitors as they arrive, just for you to see.

I was up very late last night, well till the early hours actually. I really must learn to stop burning those candles at both ends. I could do it when I was young but now, apart from anything else, I go around looking like death warmed up if I don’t get enough hours in Dreamland.

I’m hoping that this will be a short blog today. I can hear you all breathing a sigh of relief. I am always amazed at those of you who persevere and manage to read all my ramblings.

The first birds I see today are a pair of very healthy-looking crows feeding under the table. I have never seen crows there before. Four more arrive. There is a saying in our house that if you see a lot of crows they are rooks but we think these are definitely crows, probably a family. I will look up the symbolism or perhaps dear Equs will tell me. I fear it may be something ‘dark’ but not to worry. I will take it that they are just after the food today.

Talking of their food, do any of you know the cheapest source of bird food? One or two friends have suggested websites to me where you can order bird seeds and nuts in bulk but I am not convinced they are any cheaper. We buy ours from a local farm supplies shop. Any suggestions would be welcome.

M has asked me to post this very old rhyme for you so here goes.

Four seeds to sow
One for the rook
One for the crow
One to rot
And one to grow.

The books have arrived from BBC Wales. They are ‘Mr Cassini’ by Lloyd Jones. He was at the Hay Festival I am told though I didn’t attend. It’s a novel and I’ve just started it. I won’t say a lot now except that it is really original. That’s a delight and I am not turned off by it, quite the opposite in fact.

The other book is a volume of poetry called ‘Growth Rings’ by Christine Evans. Funnily enough I posted a photo of the cover of this particular book in my last blog entry before I knew it was the one coming here to review. I have read all the poems but I have yet to do a proper review; suffice it to say that there are some I like very much.

Quick blessings

An easy Sunday. There’s something about Sundays isn’t there? Relaxation in the air. So relaxation will be number one. Easy like Sunday morning, now there’s a song title coming on……

An (easy) cold lunch to be enjoyed in the garden later.

The sharing between us of our music and other ‘interesting things‘.

A nice cotton floral skirt which I bought in the Red Cross shop yesterday. Price? £3.99 and it fits perfectly; the elasticised waist of course is a boon, perhaps that should be a blessing in itself! It is turquoise blue, white, navy and PURPLE so will go with a variety of tops.

Music requests. Keep them coming.

You may have seen in the Common Room that I am asking for your music requests. I have had some from a few of you and you will see/hear them on the Purplecoo Requests Player on this page, top right. I will post a list of who requested what when it’s complete. I’m dying to add more so, If you haven’t sent me any PLEASE do and keep a frustrated DJ happy. The choice so far is varied but I can honestly say I like them all. If you can’t think of a particular record then just send me a favourite singer/group and I will pick one or two by them.

I have done as I was asked and my homework is set out below. The first eight people I think it is (?) who read this blog and make a comment are also tagged and will have to do the same. Write eight interesting/unusual/quirky facts about yourself and then tag eight others.

My homework

I was adopted at the age of fourteen months, had an unhappy childhood and after many years of searching I found my roots. I have six half brothers and three half-sisters. I am writing the story at the moment. Ireland is my spiritual home.

I love driving and porridge. I hate my photo being taken.

I enjoy my own company and also the company and communication of animals (and some humans).

I can’t draw, I worry too much, I don’t get enough sleep or exercise. I get depressed when people close to me are sad.
I deplore arrogance, greed, intolerance and untruths.

The most important thing in my life is my family. The best days of my life were when my two children were born. My greatest fear is that they should die before me.

I have had two, unrelated, brushes with cancer but I am as fit as a fiddle. I am an Arian, we are renowned for bouncing back.

I have also had very near brushes with death as a result of two separate falls on the stairs at home. I have suffered no after effects from either.

I am looked after by angels.

Did I say this was going to be a short one?

I’ll sign off now and wish you all a very happy, very sunny Sunday.

But before I go a quick poem by a young poet from West Cork.


I come before the water;
what satisfaction it has
in ebbing and flowing,
pining after lost land
yet giving and giving
to the storm ridge,
inheriting for its labours
an empty beer bottle,
rejected driftwood,
royalties of its endeavours.
We'll go to it anyway,
though it is the definition
of utter madness to
dwell on past indifference.
Some have oceans of
knowledge to feed their
tears, while not a
glass to justify their joy.
This is no night to drown in,
no world to give in to.

Leanne O’Sullivan

Bye for now,



Tee hee you can't tag me because I have already been done!! Thanks for the 8 things,and do be careful on those stairs!

Pondside said...

Can't tag me either as I've posted mine too! I also love porridge and can't abide lying or injustice.
Did I miss the photos? I'll look again.
Thanks for Brown Eyed girl - I hope you find "Forty Five Years" too.
Of course I read your blogs through - there's usually a poem at the end and I wouldn't want to miss out!

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Hi you

Thank you for doing the play list. Lovely blog as always . . .

No idea where to get good cheap birdfood - Haiths is good but I think a little expensive - I just get mine locally - although need a better source of seed.

Well done for doing your homework and for all the amazing effort you put into your blogs.

Zoë said...

Thanks for adding my request, I hadnt heard in in a very long time, still brought a tear though. Zoë x

Pondside said...

Hi Cait - I hope I didn't send you on a wild goose chase!
Yes, Stan Rogers was one of our national treasures - he died young and tragically. Here's a link so that you can listen
You are a Purplecoo treasure!

Withy Brook said...

Oh! you are marvellous, I have just interupted La Mer to post this, will have to go back quick. Takes me back to my youth - a very long time ago! Can't stop - bye!

JacquiMcR said...

Cait, if you could add "If not you" by Doctor Hook as this was my first dance at my wedding (12 years ago). We had actually chosen "Years from now" by Doctor Hook, but the band didn't know it all the way through. I haven't heard it in ages because I only had it on casette tape and this has probably disintegrated in the loft.

Take care - Jacqui x

Hopping Moon said...

Thanks so much for the healing - I do feel lighter thank you - its true i find when I pray or send love to others I always feel light as well.

CAMILLA said...

I love your blogs Cait, and so look forward to the pictures and music. I too am always up late, so busy during the day, that I like to unwind well into the night for a bit of solitude, reading, and music, and of course catching up here with everyone's blog, I have my two dogs to keep me company, at present they are curled up on Chesterfield, snoozing deeply into their fleeces. I would like to request some music Cait, so will try and find your previous blog on how to go about it, thank you.

Frances said...

Good evening Cait, and as always, thank you for your creativity.
Is is too soon for me to make another request from your jukebox?
Not waiting for an answer, may we hear something off the usual beaten track from Bob Marley? I want to be greedy and ask for more, but also love anticipation, so will wait.
Did you see the original German version of "Wings of Desire" with its homage to librairies?
I will stop now before I get really wordy.

Suffolkmum said...

I had to laugh Cait - I have always had the feeling that if I have lived before, it would have been in France! I have had some very odd memories/dreams and a sense of recognition in some places there. I've also just completed my 'eight things'.
Music requests ..... here come a ton - but only one will do, you can choose!
Walk on By: Dionne Warwick
Close To You: The Carpenters
Strangers in the Night: Frank Sinatra
Scarborough Fair: Simon and Garfunkel
Blue: Joni Mitchell
Kingfisher: Burt Jansch
The last is an instrumental track which I've been playing a lot at the moment, because of the Kingfisher symbolism.

Exmoorjane said...

Oh crumbs, was talking about rooks/ravens/crows/black birds somewhere else on purplecoo - but where? Lixtroll had a black bird and yabbered a bit there, but can't remember where it all started (aaghh, the dreaded memory loss).
Loved your eight things. Love the music too....cross it stops when you comment though. COuld I have 'What if God was one of us?' Can't remember who it's by....
but goes on, 'just a slob like one of us, just a stranger on the bus....' Makes me cry - don't know why.
And Hazey Jane by Nick Drake. Or any Nick Drake really.

Blossomcottage said...

You are very very cleaver and I got lost ages ago!
Please could you add Wind Beneath My Wings and You Raise Me Up( Josh Groban) if they are not there already.
Ta very much

CAMILLA said...

What a beautiful poem Cait, you are so lucky to live near Hay-On-Wye, all those beautiful bookshops and festivals, wonderful. Another request if I may please, a sharp contrast to my others. I adore the voice of Michael Buble, and missed the concert that he did in early April this year in London. The song is entitled I'm Feeling Good, thank you Cait.

Posie Rosie said...

Just catching up Cait, I was so sorry to hear about the passing of your son's friend's sister, how sad and tragic for all concerned.
Loved your tags list, I worry too much as well. How lovely to be looked after by angels, my eldest daughter is also looked after by a guardian angel. Posie x