Alexander Averin

Friday, 15 June 2007


Anonymous said...

what lovley place i like your music playing as well xx jep

mountainear said... special is that place? Looks like a lovely place to be.

Thanks for the music.

bodran... said...

IT is GORGEOUS!! you lucky thing you've got a stream And was that a little caravan in the distance???
Where are you in wales a few of us are meeting in church stretton or there abouts could you come??

Anonymous said...

What a perfect paradise Cait, just wonderful.

Pipany said...

Beautiful, Cait. Calm, green and just lovely xx

annakarenin said...

The photos are beautiful but more importantly for me I have sound back on my computer and have been able to play my favourite song, The Rose. Mike and I were supposed to have it for a first dance at our wedding but unfortunately the CD was duff and we had to have something else instead. I heard a welsh version on the radio once but don't know how to track it down. Scared the littlies a bit as I can't resist singing along to it. It is a wonderful addition but does distract me a bit from reading your posts.

The radio thing sounds very interesting though. I read Ordinary Women for my previous book group it was my sister who recommended it.