Alexander Averin

Friday, 15 June 2007


Elizabethd said...

What a magical place you have. and water too, always so calming.

Blossomcottage said...

Oh wow!!!

Blossomcottage said...

Thank you for putting my music on you list.

Zoƫ said...

I am jealous jealous jealous, my cottage is very like yours, white washed 200 odd years old, welsh slate roof, but your views and that brook... swap?
beautiful xxx

Frances said...

Good Friday evening to you, Cait.
Thank you for your comments.
It was so good to hear from you, but since we are both devoted readers, how could we not agree on many other things? When I was ten years old, I had already read everything in my elementary school's library. And, of course, that was only the beginning.

It is so wonderful to be able to choose books, but perhaps even better, to hear of a book that you would not on your own have found. I do thank you for all that you mention.

( hear Waterloo Sunset, Instant Karma, etc. on call, well, I cannot thank you enough!)

I also appreciated what you wrote about washing lines. I hate that my washing of linens (towels, sheets, big things) is done in the basement laundry room of my apartment building and, therefore, can only be dried via the gas-fired spin driers therein. Never do these items have the joy, flutter, airing of the great outdoors.

In my Virginia childhood, we had two long clothes lines tied between some of the massively tall oak trees in our back yard. I would help my mother pin up various items on these line with the wire-spring clothes pins. In cold weather the sheets would actually freeze on the line, so that when we took them down, they were starched by nature.

Time passed, and we did get an electric clothes drier, but in good weather it was still so much fresher to hand the wash on the lines. Then, the lines were replaced by a sort of umbrella shaped aluminum staff with spokes connected by "rings" of nylon roping. This took up less space, let the back yard be respendent without flags of laundry.

Time passed. As I understand it, in most recent years, it is considered a faux pas to hang any laundry in the back yard, so all neighbors on my mom's street dry their laundry indoors. Progress, not at all. Ecologically preferred, no. Pressure of local economic culture. Absolutely.

I have not been to Virginia since the year my father died 2001. Lots of blog there that I will probably never write.

Cait, do you see what you start with your beautiful photos, love of books, and generosity of offering us music?


Pondside said...

Hello Cait. No wonder your blogs are so serene and beautiful - even when they're about hard things. Your environment looks so peaceful. I've just listened to Sarah McLaughlan's Angel - it was played at the funeral of a dear friend's daughter. The young woman suffered from schizophrenia and her demons became too much. Her funeral was full of the love that everyone had had the good fortune to share with her during her life - and that song was a big part of the service.

Pondside said...

Hi again Cait - here is KD Lang on UTUBE. I don't really like to watch her sing in this clip but close my eyes and listen. The version on her album Hymns of the 49th Parallel is much smoother. Still, you get an idea from this.

CAMILLA said...

Hello Dear Cait,
Thank you for your message, I am quite tired this evening, quite a stressful day and have been unable to go to everyones blog, I just wish there was enough hours in a day! Husband will be out next week, he has been diagnosed with Acute Coronary Failure, and Acute Renal Failure. He did not need a Stent put in, just one of the valves to the heart slightly out. He will be on extra medication. Thank you for your concern Cait. Love the photo's by the way, of house, gorgeous.

CAMILLA said...

Good Evening Dear Cait,
Do hope you are well, I am going out to dinner this evening wth my son and daughter, they think I need a treat after such a stressful week at the hospital visiting my husband, he is much brighter thank goodness. I heard a song coming along from Norwich this evening with my son, and thought - that would be a good request. The song - The White Room, by The Cream. That would be wonderful if you could add it to the playlist on Jukebox, thank you Cait. I presume this is what I have to do Cait, or does one do it themselves for songs, as you know I am a tad bonkers!

CAMILLA said...

P.S. Dear Cait, forgot to say, thank you so much for your comments.