Alexander Averin

Tuesday, 30 July 2013



In a gallery, seemingly asleep in a glass box
lies an ancient ceramic vessel,
colourful, shamanic, symbolic,
raised from a Peruvian tomb.
Taught by nature,
magically dreamed into being.
washed by snowmelt rivers,
showered by freshwater springs and fountains,
dried in a forest of pine
scented with cedar, rosemary and thyme.
Now in a museum, alive with folk
whose footfall is gentle,
their every step soft.
In sweet slices of silence,
time stands at ease and
I am neither lulled nor coerced
to spend time in its company,
I am happy to absorb its energies
admire its artistry
and recognise it as a masterpiece.

Cait O’Connor



Mary said...

Sometimes all we can do, as non artists, IS recognize that a piece of art IS a masterpiece even though perhaps we CANNOT give reasons.

Frances said...

Yes, Cait, it is a masterpiece. And when I see some well-travelled masterpieces in city museums, I wonder how they feel in their cases. Do they know how we admire them, even when we truly know so little about how they were created, who made them, why, and what route lead them to be available for our viewing, and our questioning.


Foxglove Lane Studio said...

A deeply inspiring masterpiece.....and such a beautiful tribute Cait:~)

Pam said...

A day in the galleries (particularly when I've been overseas) is always fun for me - so pleased you have written about this, and shared such a fascinating piece.

Dave King said...

Yes, a magnificent piece, full of inspiration which you have used to the full and done it proud with your fine poem.

ds said...

It is beautiful, and so is your poem. Thank you.