Alexander Averin

Thursday, 25 July 2013



There is stillness now in their night sanctuary,
caught by a slant of light. A new mother 
is basking in the brightest light; sweet talking 
and soft lullabies silenced for a spell.
Shining on us, even by day, we are 
dazzled by her smile, many will fall under
its spell, succumbing to all things royal.
Princess, new baby and a motherless 
child lie close, safe in perfect symmetry.
Slowly the night ends, silken in its subtlety
as the summer sun rises and the day begins.
Waking from her dream, the princess is regaled
again, the newborn cries as babies are wont to do.
A grand mother looks down from the abode
of the blest, the motherless one has dreamed 
her into being. The provision, power or 
province of a future king can never heal 
such a deep and everlasting primal wound.

Cait O’Connor



Teresa Evangeline said...

This is beautiful, Cait. I'm so grateful you reminded us that the prince is motherless. It brings everything into perspective.

Mary said...

A very touching write. I am sure William wishes his mother were still alive so that he could share his joy with her as well.

carole said...

What a beautiful poem, are you going to send it to them, you never know, it might slip through the net and they would get to read it, and love it i'm sure.

Frances said...

Cait. you do have the poet's soul. I am a childless child of a mother. I will never know the joy of motherhood that my own mother does not acknowledge.

Decades pass.

When we all are offered another view of the meaning of the beauty that a new birth can give to many generations, it's perhaps a bit mean (and I do apologize) to not quite go along with all the joy.

What is that saying that borders on cliche, hope springs eternal.

Cait, see what your poetry unleashes?


Pam said...

Such happy news, this birth. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of Prince George of Cambridge -what you have written is lovely, and it must be hard to want to have a warm physical acknowledgement of a newborn and not have the person there to do that. Even royalty and privilege are not immune to personal tragedy. Babies bring such hope.

Chris Stovell said...

The baby made me think of my own mortality, that the chances are I'll never seem him crowned!

Pondside said...

You seem to have brought something up for many here, Cait. It made me think of a photo from 33 years ago. I'm young, excited, with a smile as wide as it could ever be, about to be handed a baby boy by a nurse - about to become a mother. There was another mother - there always has been - somewhere in the background, brave, perhaps tearful. I'll never know, as she wanted to remain anonymous.

ds said...

Beautiful. Somehow, I believe they feel Diana's presence now, and it's good.