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Monday, 25 February 2013



There are many  writers-in-cyberspace;
words flow like a proverbial, perpetual
fountain but one poet- soul, a wise one,
who weaves his words with skill and feeling, said
that the shadows racing over sand were
thoughts that the land is having. I marvelled
at what seemed to me a revelation
for I live amidst mountains and am often
found watching shadows as they cross, soft-hued,
quiet and tender, covering and changing
the landscape in their wake, from dark to light,
from light to dark and back to light again.
Now  I imagine the land’s emotions:
the wind is its anger, the sun is its
benevolence, the breeze a tease, the snow  
its strong urge to hibernate and always,
always I shall see the rain as its tears.
From a penumbra in the poet’s mind,
something ghostly, insubstantial, half-glimpsed
and half-hidden, just an inkling of an idea
became pure poetry,transformed itself
and flew on a journey to me, through space,
reaching my mountainous place from the sea
inspiring me, from those  thought-shadows in the sand.

Cait O’Connor

Written in response to a poem  Shadows at Pics and Poems .






Dave King said...

Wow! Thanks for ever for this. Not only do you do me the honour of a mention for my poem, but you far exceed it with an inspired one of your own. I find it to be a truly magnificent poem and I am so proud to think that I had a small part in it. Thank you.

Fennie said...

Lovely poem, Cait.

Scriptor Senex said...

What a beautiful piece, Cait. Thank you. Or, as Dave King said, thanks for ever, because it is one that is going in my notebooks of prose and poetry that I have come across. I've kept those notebooks since I was a teenager but it is rare for anything to be put in them nowadays which shows how impressed I was.

Exmoorjane said...

What a very lovely idea, Cait - and Dave... I shall always smile now when I see shadows and see if I can discern what the earth is saying... :)

As always your blog inspires me - in words and images... xx

Writing from the Edge said...

I love your poem Cait, and I love Dave's idea about shadows on sand. I will - like you - always think of that when I see shadows rippling across the beach.

Anonymous said...
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elizabeth said...

Dear Cait
one of your very best poems --and that's a high bar.
I never really thought of the land as having emotions.
Such a splendid idea and so beautifully put.
Love your new header.
Just back from Morocco and trying to catch up with friends and blogs.