Alexander Averin

Thursday, 7 February 2013





An old cottage that always welcomes you.

Flowing water, flowers, trees and a view.

A baby in the cradle and birds in the wood.

A dog, a cat, a hearth with logs stacked.

Books to lose myself within, words to weave.

Red shoes, Guinness, family and friends.

Health and happiness, music, kind words and hugs.

Compassion, understanding and sweet, sweet laughter.

Days of soft rainfall, wide rainbows, sunshine, sunsets.

Images of beauty, colourful and bright.

Voices of velvet, dreams and memories.

Candles, night skies, stars and silence.

The moon and its magic, fairies and the angels’ touch.

Nivea, perfume and a warm, warm, shower.

Earl Grey, goose down, poetry and sweet, sweet sleep.


Cait O’Connor

(Written in response to a blog by Pamela Terry and Edward).



elizabeth said...

All of these are totally and wonderfully described!
Yes , essential indeed!
So beautifully put, Cait.
(Loved the Nivea...!)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This makes me so happy, Cait.

Jenny said...

Pure poetry - thank for posting.

Pondside said...

I loved that - gave me lovely goose bumps.

Frances said...

Cait, as I began reading Essentials, my eyes were careful to note each work, each transition, and then all of a sudden I felt as if my eyes were dancing and skipping, delighted to be rewarded with each new discovery.

Thank you! xo

Mac n' Janet said...


The bike shed said...

Essential - and all simple too. But then the best things in life...

Vee said...

Voices of Velvet...oh you do know your way around words. Another winner!

Mairéad said...

A lovely poem, I like you idea of what's essential.

lisa hermanson said...

Love this poem!