Alexander Averin

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lenten Lilies


Lenten Lilies

(For Frances)


Ceramic, smooth and milky white

 a jug of promise holds green daffodils in bud.

They draw me in as I pass the table

but I cannot watch and wait

to capture such a slow changing.

I pass.

Days pass

in hope and anticipation,

I can only imagine what will be,

what will create a swift  lifting of  my heart

the gift that is a flower.

I will love each one

for its colour,

for its beauty,

for its scent,

for it is a miracle,

lenten like the lilies,

a promise to me, soon coming,


Cait O’Connor


Pondside said...

Beautiful flowers and a beautiful poem, Cait.
Just this morning I was thinking that I should buy a bouquet of daffodils today so that they will be open when I take them to the airport to greet my parents on Wednesday.

Fennie said...

Yes, beautiful. And we know spring is coming. The daffs are marching.

Frances said...

Thank you so very much, Cait. I am honored! Your words perfectly capture the joy I have had in my own daffodil vigils.

Can you imagine that just an hour ago, I came back to my apartment with another little bundle of tightly budded daffs. These flowers are now resting for just a bit in my little green pitcher, before they begin their performance.

I think I will just go and check on them right now! xo