Alexander Averin

Monday, 15 August 2011

High Haf

Picture by Gayle Murphy

High Haf

You deceived me with your promises

of bright, warm days and long, light nights.

How could you.

We were to fly among the hills

and walk through new warm sea;

instead I emerge like a pit pony

into the coal-black afternoon.

You have done this before,

but I am soft and need your touch

yet you tease me with trailers of might be

you advertise so well it is a pity

you have nothing to sell.

You are the summer love:

Transient, naïve and remembered

with distorted fondness.

Christopher Challener


Mark said...

I like the picture very much, though I struggled a little with the poem if I'm honest. Is Gayle Murphy from Ireland?

Cynthia said...

This is a poignant poem. The
earnest need for answers comes
across and well as the sadness.

ds said...

A poignant poem, indeed, but I do not understand the title (a mountain? Wales? Ireland?) so I think much of it went over my head. Photo is stunning.

Frances said...

Thank you, Cait.

gaelikaa said...

A feast for the senses, the poem and the painting.a

CAMILLA said...

Wonderful Poem Cait.

Apologies for coming by late, just trying to catch up.