Alexander Averin

Sunday 14 March 2010

Signs of Spring?

Dear Diary,

Happy Mother's Day

I carry from my mother's womb a fanatic's heart.

 William Butler Yeats

This could be the first day of Spring.  The wind has lessened and has lost its cruel bite and the Sun has such warmth in it.  I have been doing a spot of spring cleaning indoors and a bit of sweeping outdoors so I am feeling pretty smug now but a wee bit worn out.  Time for a quick blog before I cook,

Blessings have been absent far too long.  Well not absent but have not been noted here.  Here are five just for today.

Sunshine, spring weather. 
Goes without saying really, I am rather repeating myself.

Free logs.  Our local forestry angel felled a dying ash tree for us and we now have plenty of free wood.  The tree was right on the edge of the riverbank and was leaning rather -  so much so that had it fallen it could have blocked the flow of the river.  Not a nice thought should it flood again.  Nothing pleases me more than the sight of a load of new logs and free ones are even more pleasing to behold.

I bought myself a bunch of daffodils on Friday for 99p.  I have them on my desk and they are so cheering, they were only in bud but have opened now into those lovely big old--fashioned blooms.  At work I have on the counter a little pot of miniature ones, narcissi probably and I noticed that one or two have twin flowers on one stem - I have never seem that before.

Ireland won the rugby yesterday!  Sorry Wales.


Having read two really good novels recently I am seeking suggestions for a good novel to read..  I have tried one or two but they have not gripped me.  Any suggestions welcome.  I need a good book to live in.

I have rediscovered Delia Smith lately.  In the absence of a mother to do so, Delia did rather teach me to cook  many years ago and I am still impressed by her.  I call her St Delia.    Her recipes never fail and always taste delicious.  I dip into her website when I am brain dead and can’t think of what to eat or what to cook. She has many wonderful suggestions and recipes for almost everything you can think of.  The site comes in handy when I am doing a shopping list.

Talking of shopping I have a bit of a wish list.  I am coveting a carpet bag even though I already have one and I am wanting to buy tops of  (tiny) floral prints _ I am sure it is the need for spring flowers manifesting itself.  I am also wanting to fill the cottage with scent, it may have to be candles instead of flowers.  I guess I just can‘t wait for summer.

I watched a good film last night.  Disney for grown ups really.  It was ‘Up’ and was really enjoyable, if you haven’t seen it try and catch it because it is really one for oldies.  Quite moving and works on several levels if you get me.  I have The Hurt Locker to watch next, that will be a different film altogether. 

Well that’s all for now, I have to go and cook.

Bye for now,
Go mbeannai Dia duit,


alison said...

Hi Cait,
I hadn't heard of Delia Smith but was thrilled to see my library has two of her books - the Winter Collection and Summer Collection. I think I'll go for the summer one!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ooh, I do wish you'd send some Spring weather over here. Still cloudy. Still cold. But we are hopeful.
As for the free logs, I do know what you mean. They are indeed a blessing. We have a friend who runs a large golf course and they are always having trees fall there. So for the past two years, he has arrived at our door in October with a truck load of firewood. We are now quite spoiled. And very grateful.

As for books, I am reading Wolf Hall. Enjoying it very much, but it's not really a page-turner. I just picked up the new John Banville. It's called The Infinities, and it looks good. I also have to read Our Mutual Friend for a book club meeting in April. That's one Dickens I never read and I'm looking forward to it. Also, I'm due to re-read Rebecca for another book club. Now that's one you can "live in".

Enjoy your Sunday,Cait!

The bike shed said...

Spring arrived today as I saw Brimstone butterflies

Good novel? When I am stuck I pick up old favourites: Chandler; Rhys; Carver.

I hear The Behaviour of Moths by Poppy Adams is good and not too deep / difficult.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

We had some spring sunshine here too. I just want another couple of degrees of warmth and then I can start sitting outside without the obligatory two fleeces on!
I am not really novel reading at the moment. Sometimes I just have phases when I can't persuade myself to go for fiction. I should break that pattern I suppose!

Frances said...

Hello Cait, It's been a fiercely raining weekend here, but I think that the strong thermal front that has brought this drama may want us to get a glimpse of true spring this week.

I am so disappointed to have to attend out of town/city managers meetings this week. It will keep me away from my cherished viewing of the St. Patrick's Parade.

All that you write makes me so glad to have connected with you via the web.

I have just checked out Wm Boyd's Ordinary Thunderstorms from my wondrous library. Still in the early pages, so no review yet. I have very much liked Mr Boyd's earlier novels.

Hereabouts, we switched over to daylight savings time today, so my internal clock is not matching what I see on the clock on my nearby bookshelf.

Odd to have daylight savings time begin on a very cloudy rainy day. xo

Marcheline said...

Glad to hear your spring has sprung! Haven't seen "Up" but it's on my list. Did see "Bright Star" (about the romance of the poet Yeats) and it was fantastic - I recommend it! Do bring the hankies, though.

Slán go fóill!

Maggie Christie said...

I loved 'Up' too - especially Doug the dog and his fabulous collar. I want one of those for my dog (except he'd say 'cats' not 'squirrels'!). I'm a huge fan of St Delia too - I still rank her chicken Basque from the Summer collection as one of my all time favourite things to cook and her chocolate truffle torte. What would Christmas be without her?

Bee said...

Hello Cait,
And to the blessings of sun and daffodils I will add pink and pale green tulips . . . which I bought for MYSELF for Mothering Sunday. To celebrate that occasion, I made hot cross buns and went for a long walk through the forest with my youngest daughter. Now I feel that I should make those buns again, as I haven't tried Delia's recipe yet. (Her Cookery Course one, with the black cover, is one of the cookbooks that I turn to over and over again.)

I'd like to see Up (and The Hurt Locker, too, really). But maybe just Up today?

As for books, I've been trying to decide between a Big Read of either The Little Stranger or The Children's Book . . . after snacking on lots of easy reads (Elizabeth Berg, and those Stieg thrillers) as of late.

Let's hope the rain stays in NY and the UK keeps the sun for a change!

Herbalgirl said...

I recently finished The Elegance of the Hedgehog and loved it. Also finished One Day by David Nicholls who was on Radio 4 a few days ago--gorgeous book as well. Happy reading....

Kate said...

Hello Cait,

Just found your blog...very nice. My name is Kate - middle name O'Connor. Nice name!! Looking forward to reading more.

Fennie said...

Love Eric Clapton! Wonderful. Yes the spring weather is lush, isn't it and free logs. Fortune is shining on you.
I've always held that spring begins on St David's Day, simply because if it doesn't then we run into problems about when spring ends and summer begins. I've just read Sacred Country, the Rose Tremain novel that is the Purple Coo spring read. Most excellent. Am about to tackle Wolf Hall now.

CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

Apologies for coming here late, just trying to catch up.

The spring feels as though it is definately in the air lately, can't wait to see lots more of the spring bulbs coming up, love the daffodils too Cait.

Good to hear you have a wonderful supply of logs from your sadly near-fallen tree Cait, logs are yet to be delivered to our cottage hopefully soon for the woodburner.

Delia Smith, yes.... I love her cooking too Cait.!! son said he is going to buy me the Delia Smith Winter Collection 1997 edition. Inside this one is the bread & butter pudding.

The carpet bags are gorgeous Cait I agree, I have a passion for anything floral, so the tops with tiny flowers sound lovely.

Have just borrowed Joanna Trollope's best seller - The Family which could be one for you to read Cait.

Wonderful the Eric Clapton, thank you for sharing with us Cait.


kanishk said...

I think I'll go for the summer one!
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