Alexander Averin

Wednesday, 24 March 2010



I shall burst if I don’t write a poem

but all too soon the day will waver,
night will quickly fall and the hours will darkly pass

and though my bed is calling I am far too wide awake

and cannot fall or even falter as it beckons.

As I undress, sparks fly off me in the dark and they dissolve.

I wonder where they go and start to dream…

I shall burst if I don’t write a poem

My unwritten words are electron-charged,
such is their yearning to be borne.

There are whirling echoes in each conscious moment

as the questions swirl around inside my head.
Are the ways of night just an ending to a day?
Is slumber a kind of journey to another realm?
Or is it all Just a Dream?
Is our dream-life Life itself
and daytime our life’s dreaming?
Do I dream you and you dream me?
Is it all about the waking or the sleeping?
The thinking or the scheming?

Is it all about writing, dreaming or just being?

I shall burst if I don’t write a poem.

Cait O’Connor


Pondside said...

Well that one definitely got me - or I got it.....either way I loved it.


Love it :)

mollygolver said...

So glad you did write your poem Cait. Loved it.

Cottage Garden said...

Loved this poem Cait - your words skim and dance like stones on the water.

Off to catch up on your weekend poems.

Jeanne x

CAMILLA said...

Wonderful Poem Cait, so pleased you did write the Poem. Hope some day that we will be able to have a book of your talent with writing for Poems.

When the day is gray and life is not going how one would like it to be just reading your lovely Poems makes one sit up and think... ah poetry in all it's beautiful glory.


DJ Kirkby said...

This will be dancing through my mind all day. I like it.

alison said...

Lovely poem, lovely picture!

kanishk said...

- your words skim and dance like stones on the water.
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Wild Somerset Child said...

Your poem is perfect, Cait and calmed me down no end, which I am in dire need of right now. So, thankyou.

Frances said...

Cait, I have read this post on Monday night, under the full moon!

I love this poem.

I often feel as if I will burst if I do not get out the sketch book or paints and paper. And yet. I do not get them out. And I do not burst.

Or have I already burst, and let all that inspired me just go inspire someone else?


Brandy said...