Alexander Averin

Friday, 19 March 2010

Fun on Friday

Dear Diary,

It's Friday so time for a bit of fun. I was going to do a serious blog but that can wait. I have just done some skool homework for Purplecoo and so I am posting it here. Why don't you have ago too and let me know if you do.

My favourite time of the day or night is evening, night, bedtime. I am NOT a morning person.

Favourite day of the week is Sunday.

My favourite month of the year is May.

The worst meal anyone could put in front of me is a mix of avocado, aubergines and anchovies with olives.

Today I must do.... Spring cleaning!

If I had to spend an hour locked in a lift I'd like to be with.... (would you change this if it was four hours? No. Tony Benn,.

If you looked in my loft you'd find... I haven’t got a loft.

One drink for the rest of your life - what would it be? (you can have water also) - Cranberry juice.

The colour I think I look best in is... Blues

I wish I knew..... The meaning of life

My favourite song of all time is ...... I can’t choose just one, sorry. Imagine by John Lennon would be a good anthem.

Have you ever had a lucky find? What was it? - I traced my (late) father on the net, would that count? Have never found anything tangible.

My favourite precious stone is..... Rose quartz and amethyst.

My 4 grandparents names were.....Daniel and Catherine, Thomas and Gladys and my 8 great-grandparents names were.... Mary Ann and Henry, Thomas and Ellen, John and Bridget and Stephen and Ellen.

My homework idea to use is... Write your own manifesto for the forthcoming election. And we can see who would get the most votes.

My quick dessert recipe is.... Something with raspberries, digestive biscuits, brown sugar/cinnamon and cream.

On my bedside wooden chair which serves as a table are books, books and more books. A few favourite poetry books. A book clip on type light which is fantastic - I highly recommend it. Always a notebook and pen, tissues.

In a perfect world I'd have a .... self-cleaning house, a non-ageing/getting ill body.

I'm looking forward to .... Every day.

Favourite chore/most hated chore? - I was only talking about this yesterday. Cleaning the fridge and the oven. I love hanging out washing, lighting fires, opening windows to let bad energies out and good ones in…….


Mac n' Janet said...

Enjoyed this very much, will give it a go too, probably this weekend.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This was so much fun, Cait!
I love reading interviews such as this.
My favourite day of the week is Thursday, and I'm not a morning person either!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

A belated but sincere Wish for a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Karen said...

I really enjoyed reading that. Finding your father on the net - wow! That is a lucky find :o)

I'd love a self-cleaning house, but at least I don't have to worry about the loft, because I don't have one either!

mollygolver said...

Hi Cait - I've just done 'the interview', on the coo homework forum. I like lots of the same things as you, particularly that John Lennon song. The heading on your blog is very encouraging - I'm not a housework fanatic either!!

CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

I enjoyed reading your 'homework' post. We have similar interests Cait.! I am definately a night time person too, adore the precious stones, so wish that the emerald I lost many years ago though that belonged to my grandmother could be found.

How wonderful to hear that you have traced your late father with ancestry on the net Cait.

John Lennon's song is one that I have always loved.

Wonderful Header Cait.!


Bee said...

I will just offer that I like evenings best, too -- and also May, which is so glorious in England. I don't know if I look best in blue, but it is the colour I most often reach for. A blue sky ALWAYS lifts my spirits.

kanishk said...

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Fran said...

Your worst meal would be my favourite. But I love your list of books and films. What did you think of 'The Behaviour of Moths'? I think it was my Best Book of 2009.