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Monday, 18 May 2009

Money, the root of all evil?

Dear Diary,


Money is the root of all evil, and yet it is such a useful root that we cannot get on without it any more than we can without potatoes.

Louisa May Alcott

Politicks are now nothing more than a means of rising in the world. With this sole view do men engage in politicks and their whole conduct proceeds upon it.

Dr Johnson in Boswell’s Life of Johnson, 1775.

I am late in posting this and so it is really Old News, the like of which you have probably had your fill. For that I apologise but I have a good excuse as I had a wee accident in the home, something I have a penchant for doing, if truth were told. But even though we Arians are accident-prone this one was not my fault. I was sitting on the edge of my new and previously much-loved and raved about Ikea Poang chair when I reached out to brush one of my dogs.

Suddenly I found myself on the floor and the chair which had tipped over was on top of me. So if you have one of these chairs then beware. They are probably safe on carpet but mine is on quarry tiles and must have slipped. Since then I have had pain in my back which I am hoping is just bruising. Thank God for Ibuprofen, hot water bottles, Tiger Balm and arnica. They can be my Blessings for today. At least it has rained almost solidly these last few days so I couldn’t have gardened anyway.

Anyway here is the late post.

(Last Friday)

I received an extremely high ‘leccy bill this morning; not the best time to start worrying about how I would manage to pay it……..with what is going on in our country. So I warn you, today’s blog will be free of Blessings but instead will be full of Moans and Groans.

BBC’s Question Time was from Grimsby last night and was exceptional in that there was none of the usual argument between the politicians on the panel. There was one MP from each of the main parties and they all looked as if they were suffering from lack of sleep, indeed they seemed to be visibly shaken and I detected a wobble in their voices but I must say that the lack of backbiting between them was very welcome.

Margaret Beckett was heckled…. and some …..(whoop whoop! - I just wished it had been Hazel Blears). Teresa May was struggling. Min Campbell, who, na├»ve soul that I can be sometimes. I would never have suspected of any wrongdoings was also clearly in a bit of a corner. They were all heckled as the programme progressed.

Conversely you could almost see the halo around the head of the Assistant Editor of the Telegraph as he was bathing in the glory of the appreciation of the audience and probably the whole of the electorate too. There was even a good looking bloke on there too in the form of one of the top bods from McDonalds and he also spoke such good common sense. Would that there were more like these two, with a sense of urgency and strong, decisive solutions to this expenses horror story.

So just how angry am I with our politicians?

I am incensed. Especially with those who have broken or twisted their rules and treated taxpayers with contempt. I am even more than angry, I am livid with those who are nothing more than criminals, crooks, fraudsters - we know who they are and they are still coming. They should be prosecuted as anyone else would be and I see that the Daily Mail are starting a fund to bring about private prosecutions.

(I never thought I would ever agree with the Daily Mail!).

There is a complete lack of morality in this whole affair, a lack of ethics in the manner we have been governed. Pure corruption is the name of the game.

A few more questions…

Why should MP’s set their own salaries anyway? No other employee does.

Should politicians be above the law? Should anyone be above the law?

Should fraudster be prosecuted? Of course they should.

And shouldn’t those MP’s who payback what they ‘stole,’ pay the interest as well?

Half our banks are in national ownership which is all down to risky investment and obscene amounts paid out in bonuses to the bankers.

And the heads of these organisations, RBS’s Fred Goodwin for example, swan off with HUGE pensions

A root and branch reform of our so-called democracy is long overdue.

And now I hear that more money is needed for the Olympic Village and only 2.7 million pounds is in the contingency fund, half of which has already been spent and only 36% of the building work done. And all the while cuts have been made countrywide in small sporting sports projects that would have benefited the whole of our population.

Security costs for the bands of Royal hangers-on is another drain. Just one example - £280,000 each a year for Beatrice and Eugenie and £110,000 for a recent trip when one of them went swanning round the world.

On a lighter note I am losing myself in a funny book recommended by a borrower. It is The Only Boy for Me by Gill McNeil who also wrote Divas Don’t Knit which I haven’t read. I don’t normally read chicklit type books (am I too old?) but this one is making me laugh out loud in places so is good laughter therapy for me, better than political hysteria any day.

And if there is an antidote for all our anger I would suggest you read How to be Free by Tom Hodgkinson. This is a must-be-read-by-everyone kind of book.

There are lots of good poetry programmes on BBC4 and Radio 4 at the moment so if you are a lover of poetry like me then look out for them.

I shall leave it at that,

Bye for now,

I am off to bath two smelly dogs, one is especially foxy.



Milla said...

I agree with absolutely every word of that and, in fact, reading it through I am back to shaking with anger at it all. I can't think what, in recent years, has made me so cross with the whole venal band of them. Question Time was quite extraordinary, wasn't it, have never heard so much baying from the crowd.

Calico Kate said...

Brilliant Cait too too true. I do'nt have the words to express my fury so enjoy reading everyones elses! So agree re Question Time too. Great wasn't it I'm surprised they weren't lynched!
I am trying to be grateful to the Government for putting up my Carers Allowance by £3 a week to take up my hourly rate to just under 32p, but am struggling!

LittleBrownDog said...

My inlaws have those chairs in their conservatory, and I've always been a bit wary of them - shall be doubly so now. Hope your back is getting gradually better now and indeed it was no more than a little bruising.

Yes, indeed, the sad venality of our lords and masters has begun to unravel - it almost makes Jacqui Smith's porn videos seem small fry, which is saying something. My other half works in legal aid which has seen some swingeing cuts under this government, taking away the possibility of legal representation from some of those who need it most. And all the while they were lining their own pockets. It really is sickening.

laurie said...

i hope your back improves. your fears will abate as your back feels better, i think..

pictures from my ireland trip on my blog, with more to come. maybe the green hills of wicklow will help too.


Frances said...

Well said, Cait!

What do you think will happen next with regard to this growing scandal? Is it a matter of voting for someone else, or can these folks be prosecuted?

(We have plenty of corruption over here, too, so I am always looking for new ideas!)

Hoping your back eases soon. xo

lampworkbeader said...

Shall I put those two books on our next voting list Cait? Well at least the first one, we could all use a laugh I think.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Dear Cait,
I so hope your injured back will mend and quickly. Ahhhhh yes, back troubles. Hope yours do not last long.

And thank you for the reading suggestion. In today's world, we all can use a laugh out loud.

Aunt Amelia

Pondside said...

The whole sad affair with your MPs is not much different than what's going on over here. An ex-PM is on the hot seat for accepting huge wads of cash stuffed in envelopes - and he saw nothing unusual or wrong about that. Regarding MPs salaries it's often said that we must pay such a high salary in order to attract the best -'s not working!
I share your frustration and contempt.

CAMILLA said...

Dear Cait,

So sorry to hear about nasty fall from chair. Looking at the picture of the chair it looks so comfortable, and one of which I need for the computer. I hope your back feels better soon Cait, they do say that arnica is very good.

As to the MP's it just gets worse, them milking everything, I only thought recently, what about all those retired MP's with their pcokets lined. I think they should be prosecuted the MP's, no way to run a country, and as for them saying it is their Parliament, it isn't, it's ours.!

Thank you for the info on the books Cait, I could do with some laughs at the moment.

I did see BBC4 recently, 3 long hours of it on Poetry, wonderful to have these programmes on Poems and Poets.


Irish Eyes said...

Lovely blog C., agree with all! Mind the back, we do not need to loose you!

elizabethm said...

Agree with every word here Cait - not often I am incandescent but I have been burning bright over this last week. Great blog.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have been following the current uproar in Britain. It is indeed disheartening. Lord nows, after our own past eight years in the darkness of political wilderness, nothing much surprises me anymore. It takes a wise soul to see Money and Power for the dangerous jokes that they are, and unfortunately, wisdom isn't exactly valued much anymore.

Hang in there, and stay out of that chair!!