Alexander Averin

Sunday, 3 May 2009

A Short Break

Dear Diary.

I am enjoying

A not-coffee break. I have given up coffee, chocolate and alcohol to try and reduce my migraine- triggers. I sometimes wonder if life is worth living.

I am drinking

A giant midnight blue mugful of ginseng, gingko and lemon-grass tea. It is meant to give me get up and go.

(I have only just sat down but never mind.).

I am eating

Nothing as I had a proper Sunday morning breakfast - a fry-up of eggs, bacon and tomatoes at 11.30 am!

I am wearing

Gardening jeans and a purple top. Purple is a special colour don’t you know?

I am looking out the window at

Sheep and lambs, the river and new mown grass (cannot call our grass a lawn by any stretch of the imagination).

Who is by my side?

Only Molly the cat who is sound asleep in her basket. The dogs are outside sunning themselves.

I have been

Weeding which is my perpetual pastime at this time of year. I never use chemicals so it is hard work. Satisfying when it is done though.

(Why are my eyes so often drawn to only the weeds and not to the blossom in the garden?).

After this I am going to

Go out in the garden with my wee camera and take some pictures of


I would rather be

Writing or just lounging.

I am thinking about

The Duchess, the DVD I watched last night. I recommend it highly if you haven’t seen it. I thought it was a beautiful production and couldn’t help thinking of the life of Princess Diana throughout the film which tells the story of the life of a Duchess of Devonshire. I shall say no more, I don’t want to spoil it for you.

My sister C who lives in Sussex has been on my mind also our mother and other relatives who have passed into Spirit.

I am also thinking of fresh air and how I love it so. The pure Welsh mountain air is like wine.

Dinner tonight?

Good question..

I am looking forward to

Sitting in the weed-free garden with a Good Book but I don’t think that will ever happen do you?

Hoping to

Win the lottery so a friend and I can open a Dog and Donkey sanctuary. No luck this week.

Music playing?

None as I am ‘not stopping’. I can hear the sounds of snooker in the room below as M is watching it on TV. I actually watched some myself last night and learned how it works, hope I don't get hooked!

Well I must go as the urge to get up and go has come upon me, the herbal tea must have worked its magic. I am off on a blossom hunt; watch this space for pics!

Bye for now,



Lane said...

I would open a donkey sanctury too. Like a shot! And I wouldn't stop at donkies:-)

Pondside said...

What a lovely, restful post for a quiet Sunday morning. Like you, I often see the weeds before the blossoms, but I think it's because I actually like to weed. It's a bit of a spiritual exercise for me - hands busy and mind free.
I hope the rest of your day is as peaceful as this part.

ChrisH said...

I do sympathise about the migraines. I'll sometimes have clusters of migraines when I seem to slide in and out of them all the time and then go for months without one. Hope you find something that works for you soon.

blackbird said...

Thoughts of donkeys and dandelions. Some weeds are certainly more a pleasure than others.

I hope that you find what works with your migraines- I don't suffer from them but I know how hard it is for those that do.

Celtic Heart said...

I feel seriously chilled after reading your post for today! And the gorgeous, painterly image you use for your header just adds to the feeling of relaxation.

Withy Brook said...

Weeding - on my hands and knees. My G says that he thought gardens were for enjoying. But if no-one weeds, what would there be to enjoy?

willow said...

I'm enjoying an incredibly lazy day. I should be outside weeding, too.

ds said...

Too wet to weed here (though I was virtuous & did a bit the other day), far better for enjoying herbal tea & reading, except for the massive pile of laundry that must be got through. Glad you had your bit of peace. Hope you can reduce the migraines; they are torture.

Kaycie said...

You can enjoy a good book in your absolutely gorgeous garden. Never mind a stray weed or two.

LittleBrownDog said...

Lovely, peaceful post today, Cait. How are you enjoying the ginseng, gingko and lemon-grass? Loved the poem on your last post, too. And the gorgous sea picture above, which is full of air and atmosphere.

Calico Kate said...

Oh lovely wee break Cait, Thank you for sharing it with us.

Irish Eyes said...

Beautiful C, as always

CAMILLA said...

Sorry for coming here late Cait, just trying to catch up.

I love the idea of opening a Donkey Sanctuary, I would even love to open a Sanctuary for stray animals.

I love herbal tea too Cait, and I often drink green/lemon tea. I have some food intolerance, cannot eat banana's which is a shame as I do love them.

Sorry to hear about your migraine's Cait, they can be sooo tormenting.