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Friday, 8 May 2009

A Lazy Day

Boreas 1903
John Williams Waterhouse

I just love this painting

Dear Diary,

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.

Jules Renard

I have had a really lazy day today. It started well with a teeny lazy lie-in and then at breakfast-time I had a surprise visit from my favourite daughter, always a delight to see her. After she left I had a little potter in the garden, refilled the bird, squirrel and pheasant feeders, washed Tonto (my car, don’t ask) just because I felt like it, this chore doesn’t happen often but it had reached the stage of dirtiness where I was beginning to feel ashamed. Then M and I took a trip to Hay which is always pleasurable for a bibliophile. Our dentist is in Hay and M had an appointment; it’s a long drive but I never mind as the scenery along the Wye is so beautiful.

Earlier this week a friend C was telling me about an Arvon writing course she had attended recently and she spoke of a young poet called Clare Pollard who was ‘teaching’ there . C had been quite impressed by her writing. I searched the library catalogue to see if we had any of her books in the county but there was nothing. Today I was in a bookshop in Hay and what should I be led to but a slim volume of Clare Pollard’s poems. Synchronicity, that ‘window into the divine’ at work once more.

(I bought the book for said friend).

Here is a poem by said poet.

For My Future Daughter

Try not to think too deeply,
try not to think too well.
Heaven is in small details,
labyrinths lead to hell.
Take comfort from the squirrel,
take comfort from the moon —
like a hot-buttered crumpet,
a kind face in your room.
And if you are now older
take comfort in his smell,
the fact he's cooked you dinner,
the fact he treats you well.
Try not to think too deeply.
You never can be good.
You'll never find a home that
is not marked with some blood.
And sorry that I brought you
to a world where that's true.
The Protestants hate Catholics.
The Arabs hate the Jews,
and half the world hates you, dear.
But I loved your warm head
before I'd even planned you.
I pictured you in bed
and kissed that absent soft-spot,
and though I am not there,
shut your eyes, squeeze my hand tight,
and though I won't be there
in some way I'll be there, dear.
That is how we persist.
My sweet thing, do forgive me
for selfishness. I kiss
you wherever you are now
and hope you're glad of life —
despite the violent weather,
despite the sudden knife —
and that you love that one gift,
that rare thrill of I am
as death pans out around you.
Hope that you do not damn
this mother who loved life so,
she hoped she'd live within
you, after: ball your fist, dear,
and feel your nails dig in.

Clare Pollard

I found a book on roses in Hay too which I hope will make a perfect gift for another dear friend. Here is a picture I found within it.

It is The Shrine by John William Waterhouse 1895. It is in the Christopher Wood Gallery, London.

I also bought a lovely book (for myself) on a favourite place of mine - Dublin. (Well you can’t go to Hay and not buy a book or two can you?) The Hay Festival is coming up soon and my daughter and I are deciding who we would like to go and see, always a hard choice that one.

The rest of today I have lazed about on the sofa, just reading and watching TV. Such decadence… but I have to work on Saturdays so I don’t feel guilty for being idle on a Friday. My body was telling me to rest and just for once I was not arguing.

That’s all for now,

An early night, a bit more reading,
Go mbeannai Dia duit,


Kaycie said...

Glad you had such a lovely day. It sounds just perfect.

ChrisH said...

I've very much enjoyed reading both this and your previous post, I'm intrigued to know if you managed to recapture the poem that came to you when you were driving.

And, how lucky to be a friend of yours with all the delightful books you buy for them.

Frances said...

There is much wisdom in this posting of yours, Cait!

I also had a somewhat lazy day yesterday, knowing that today, Saturday, will call for lots of energy.

Beautiful paintings and poem.

Lucky you to be able to go to the Hay Festival. I remember reading that the weather is not always so great, but that the collection of writers and readers is wonderful. I know you'll have great fun.


blackbird said...

Cait, I will have to pass along the quote on laziness to my daughter. She will love it.

It sounds as if you had a perfect day and I think that everyone needs a day or two like that a week, not that people get them. But, to be able to drift through the day, discovering the possibilities and seeing where you are led, helps so much to recharge and refocus.

It was my birthday yesterday and I, too, had a day like that. The skies parted and spring reappeared- my daughter, good friends and I spent the day eating, window shopping and then eating and drinking again. Great company.

The poem is very strong- perfect for our Mother's Day tomorrow.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

What a lovely Daughter poem...

And though it may not be Mother's Day where you are...

Happy Mother's Day!

Gentle hugs,
'Aunt Amelia'
Dear you,~
Aunt Amelia's Attic

CAMILLA said...

Dear Cait,

Sounds like a wonderful restful day you have had.

Oh lucky you Cait, how I wish I could be going along to the Hay Festival, and to see all those gorgeous books too.

Very beautiful Poem and Painting, thank you for sharing with us.

Did not realise it was Mother's Day tomorrow Cait.


elizabethm said...

You have reminded me of the beauty of a lazy day Cait. Love the books you bought too. I can feel a book buying spree coming on too.

Exmoorjane said...

Ah, I'd so love to go the festival. Not sure our house can take any more books though - though somehow I expect we will always find room for a few more.
the mention of Arvon brings back memories and makes me yearn to go back....
Thank you so much for your kind comments on mine - so much appreciated. janexx

Pondside said...

Oh for a lazy day. Why is so hard to make one happen?
Like ChrisH, I think your friends must be very lucky!

Irish Eyes said...

Glorious, and I love the poem for a daughter - delighted you had a lazy day - they set us up for the rest of the week.

Thank you for the comment on my short story; I do appreciate the feed back, very much.

Tralee in June, will be thinking of you!

Lane said...

Ah, a lovely day. Everyone deserves a day like that:-)