Alexander Averin

Monday, 14 May 2007

Dear Diary,

A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to
bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do.
Bob Dylan

At last it is Sunday which is my favourite day of the week.

A cold rain sort of day. I have only nipped outside a few times, to take rubbish out, empty the compost bin, that sort of thing.

But I have had an enjoyable morning. I’m a great believer in going with the flow so, after a nice lie-in and an aromatherapy soak in the bath with The Archers, I just did what I felt like and a few cleaning chores led me on, strangely enough, to start clearing out the study, whose energies have felt very blocked lately. I have been ruthless with papers, magazines, files etc that I will never use. I did it to music so it was less of a pain and the feeling afterwards was of great release. It was good feng shui; less is more is my mantra lately.

I will make an uneasy admission though, I couldn’t throw out my huge collection of CL‘s, I have every copy since it started out. I just think that when I am old and decrepit I will have some lovely photos to look at.

While I was cleaning, before I had my chucking out spree, my mind was wandering, as it always does and I was thinking of things that I would like to share with you. I was looking at my laburnum tree which has come into flower now. She is old now but she stands proudly outside my back door and at the end of every spring, just as there is Summer coming on, her ‘golden rain’ is a beautiful show. It more than makes up for the days on days of sweeping up all her old seeds. I was thinking too of the laburnums in Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny; I have never visited it but I would like to. Also the late gardener, Rosemary Verey, who had a wonderful display of laburnums in a walkway. I will post some pics.

Before I go on a few people have been asking how to put music on their blog.

There is a link to the Project Playlist website on the righthand side of this page.

Go to the site, register and make your own play list, it’s dead easy.

Then go to the ‘Put on My Space’ page except there will be a link to another blog page which is the one you want.

Then you copy and paste the html code into the ‘New Page Element’ (html) page on your own blog page.

If you want your player at the top stick it in the top Page Element or the lower one if you want it at the end.

Hope that makes sense. If you want help do contact me.

I do hope some of you do it; if only for selfish reasons, I would love to hear your faves.

You can have 74 tracks in each playlist but can only put one playlist on your blog. But you can change one list for another which is what I have done recently.

It is great fun choosing your favourites and very addictive, I warn you. But the bonus is you can have your much loved tunes playing any time you are on the computer or even playing in the background when you are busy doing something else. Reiki for example, see below.


It is Monday now. I had a phone call from my daughter yesterday while I was writing my blog. She was asking me to giver her a Reiki treatment so I downed tools and set about preparing the room (the study). It was almost as if I had unknowingly been expecting her (story of my life). Also, it was just as well I had swept all the rubbish from the study, given it a good clean and made it clear of all negative energies. I had even been burning that scented candle I mentioned the other day, it seems to be everlasting (I wish). Its oils are basil, geranium and patchouli which makes for a sensational scent.

So I got my old faithful fold-up massage table out from under the bed, dusted it down and got it ready with a nice soft pillow for V‘s head to rest on. I played music this time, from my blog, I don’t usually but it was gentle and appropriate.

In a past life I was a massage therapist, just after I qualified as a nurse. I learnt the art of Swedish Massage at the same time I was training to be a nurse and the wonderful teacher also taught us, unofficially, many of the arts of hands on healing on the side. I trained in Oswestry at the Gablecroft College of Natural Healing. I don’t know if it is still going, I must check. I can recommend the place highly.

The poem today is for all Pat Kavanagh fans and is an absolute favourite of mine, both the poem and the musical version.

Raglan Road

Do listen to the audio version which can be found below on My Music Player. You can hear Patrick himself singing the words.

On Raglan Road on an Autumn day
I saw her first and knew,
that her dark hair would weave a snare
that I might one day rue.
I saw the danger yet I walked
along the enchanted way.
And I said, "Let grief be a fallen leaf
at the dawning of the day."

On Grafton Street in November,
we tripped lightly along the ledge
of a deep ravine where can be seen
the worth of passions pledge.
The Queen of Hearts still making tarts
and I not making hay.
Oh, I loved too much by such, by such
is happiness blown away.

I gave her gifts of the mind,
I gave her the secret sign that's known
to the artists who have known the true

gods of sound and stone.
And word and tint I did not stint
for I gave her poems to say.
With her own name there and her dark hair,
like clouds over fields of May.

On a quiet street where old ghosts meet
I see her walking now,
away from me so hurriedly.
My reason must allow,
that I had ruled, not as I should.
A creature made of clay.
When the angel woos the clay,
he'll lose his wings at the dawn of day.

Patrick Kavanagh

Blessings today?

Molly, my dear all white cat who is snuggled up with me on ‘her armchair’ beside the Rayburn.

Now I am going to be a bit nostalgic here……………
My hairdresser and between you and me, (don’t tell anybody!), the hair dye she paints on my hair. I used to have lovely dark hair which was very nearly black, with a reddish tint. I had the typically Irish colouring of dark hair and blue eyes, which was unusual in England, if not at all in dear old Ireland. Ah those were the days. There has been a lot of worrying since then. Such is life, thank God for hair colourants I say………

I was never a fan of going to hair salons, all that small talk, discussing where I was going or had been on holiday (or not). And having to sit and look at my face in the mirror, I hated that. Funny I don’t mind it now and the reflection is much worse!

I visit my friend who lives just up the road, she is a professional hairdresser but only works part time and she ‘does’ a few local people at home. Her house has lovely vibes, it was the home of a famous Welsh poet. She has good relaxing vibes too so all in all it was a very pleasant, relaxing way to spend a Monday morning. She gives us cakes and tea or coffee and there are the Sunday papers to read. M and I go together though he is done much more quickly and while he waits for me, he often goes to sleep on her sofa, such is the soothing environment!.

The hairdresser, I’ll call her S; she and I talk about country matters, she was a farmer’s daughter and is a born and bred local. As well as working as a hairdresser and being a mother of two teenagers, she grows her own fruit and vegetables and a lovely flower garden. She also keeps horses.


Yesterday I spotted a host of pink scented roses on the bush which climbs up my old front porch. They seemed to have suddenly appeared, surely they are early?

The book group which is meeting tonight.

I have swotted up on the book. I read it so long ago that I had forgotten the exact reasons why I loved it so. (Running for the Hills).

One more?
There have to be five, I am getting superstitious about this blessing thing.

My two children.

My daughter who I hope was helped with her healing yesterday. She has exams starting tomorrow. Good luck V.

My son who is back home from working away, it’s good to have him back even if I will have more trouble getting on the computer! But the bonus is hearing him singing and playing his music (as I am at the moment).

Oh can I add just one more?
I’ve seen a white butterfly in the garden………………………..

Bye for now,

PS Please light a candle for Madeleine


Inthemud said...

Dear Cait, Your Sunday sounded so relaxed, good to have days like that.

Thanks for giving us the instructions re music, I'll give it a go.

Lovely Blog


Love the sound track beautiful very like Breton folk music thank you also for the flower fairies it reminded me of my childhood. I could do with a bit of reiki at the moment!

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

Hi Cait - so much in your blogs and so much variety. I trained as a reflexologist. Couldn't do anything with therapies that involved smells - I ended up with a migraine . . .thank you for the music instructions - will have a go when I am feeling a bit more on top.

Posie Rosie said...

Lovely blog, and the music was so relaxing Cait. My aunt did Swedish massage too and she also now does reiki, she sometimes does distance reiki for me when I am needing it. Love Roses, and am thinking of and praying for Madeleine's safe return.

Suffolkmum said...

Fabulous blog again Cait. I didn't relaise you were such a healer, though it fits beautifully. Reading your bessings always makes me so aware of how much I have to be thankful for, instead of worrying away like I usually do. Candle is lit for Madeleine.
PS thanks for the tips on the music, think I will give it a go.

annakarenin said...

Have you seen the front cover of Gardens illustrared, it is a Labernum arch walkway mmm not a good description sorry. I thought it looked fantastic.

Will have to load up the sound program to the computer now to hear your music. In the past I always had the vol turned down as frequently I could here some cbeebies game playing on one of the boys log in accounts that they tended to leave playing. Not enjoyable unfortunately. When we rebuilt I don't thing the sound was reinstalled will ask Mike tonight to sort it out.

Enjoyed catching up again.

Milkmaid said...

Great Music on your blog, must have a go. I love the days when I can do as I please and let as you say chores lead you on and then be free and have enough time to sort out 'stuff'

Pondside said...

Hello Cait - lovely music on your blog today - sounds Gaelic and like it could come from my Cape Breton home.
I love the laburnam too. I planted a young one last year and he deer haven't touched it. This year there are quite a few of the beautiful hanging blossoms. It's at the top of the drive - I'll take a photo one of these days and post it.
It sounds as though you've had a lovely busy-sometimes and quiet-sometimes sort of day.

CAMILLA said...

Hello dear Cait,
The sound track of music sounds so relaxing. I like some folk music, like Fairport Convention.
I pray for Madeleine every day. Was it you dear Cait, who I said that I would let know about the Fairies Picture I gave my daughter?