Alexander Averin

Friday, 4 May 2007

Back again

Dear Diary,

What lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

David Gray is in my headphones this morning (my first listen to his 'Shine' CD - early stuff, quite raw).

Thank you for all the good warm thoughts sent for the court case. It is over now and the result was good, as well as we could expect, but I won't go into details. I am a little jetlagged especially as things are still happening would you believe? Yes you probably would. I can't talk about it as yet but sometimes I just want to leave this damned country and fly to my spiritual home over the water. If I start to rant I may sound like a Daily Mail reader and we can't allow that to happen......

The evil that men do.

We have found the whole experience really draining, the energies around the courtrooms are so negative. The hearing lasted for nine days as there were strike days which caused court closures and other days when barristers had to be elsewhere. So apologies for not blogging. Sometimes in the night when I couldn't sleep I would get up and visit purplecooland and found it comforting to be amongst friends. I am so pleased that we made it to the Other Side. I never go back you know where now. In fact the CL fiasco was one of those Blessings in Disguise......I feel another list starting.

Life is like that isn't it? The word 'crisis' means 'opportunity' in Greek and I often remember that when things seem to be going very wrong.
The oft-repeated 'When one door closes another one opens' is so, so simple, but very true. Cliches they may be but they are rooted in truth.


My blue daisies (not sure of their proper name but the shade is deep similar to the bluebells).

My peonies which have grown abundantly and will soon be flowering.

Gardening, which, like yoga, is a good grounding 'earthing' pastime.

Sunshine and its healing effects on the body and the mind.

Telephones: instant communication which bring friends and loved ones closer.

The sea, another healer, I feel it calling me.

The dawn chorus which I enjoy each morning, it is at its best in early May, from 4 am onwards.

Weight loss! When I am worried, unlike some people who gorge on food, I can't eat at all.

Well I must stop now, proper blogs will be resumed as soon as possible.
Before I go here is a little poem on the blue theme, the colour of healing.

Lapis Lazuli

Bright as I am, like sapphire,
deep as I am,
there is much of me to discover.
I rise in your fire by moonlight,
my Celtic moods they charm
and steal your song.
Like lavender or balm
I soothe your soul
and level out your being.
You cannot escape me,
I am the colour of the sky,
deep sea, the distant hills, earth’s coverlet.
I am your baby’s eyes at life’s beginning
and the flowers that softly heal
and fill whole woods
and ring out heaven with their bells
while love lies in the mist.

Cait O'Connor

Bye for now,


Faith said...

Glad you are back Cait and all is well. Lapis Lazuli is a special thing to me - I have a tiny cube of it, so blue with gold veins, in my bag.Lovely poem.

Inthemud said...

Glad you are back Cait, sorry it was such an ordeal, but hopefully over now.

I liked the idea of crisis meaning opportunity in Greek, this site is so much better , so we've been very lucky and the new door opened to a new world for us, thanks to Westerwitch , Lixtroll & co.

Lovely poem.
Warm wishes

Suffolkmum said...

Love blue. Do you know the Joni Mitchell song - I often play that when I want to be soothed. I bet the trial was exhausting. Yes, I think we lost the battle at CL, but definitely won the war. I can never eat when I'm worried either.

Eden said...

Will remember the Greek Crisis/opportunity translation. One of my best friends here in 3d land is going through a big crisis -- and trying to see it as opportunity, so it feels a very apposite insight. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Seems we share a common link in background, Tralee is the finest town in the Kingdom, and YES! I am biased...
Glad to hear you are on the up, "May we never be so far down that we cannot reach up to blue skies, and catch the clouds that pull us up to the heaven of our friendships."

CJ said...

I love Lapis more than any other stone and your poem is just beautiful. So glad to hear your ordeal is over; now you can enjoy the rest of spring. The best thing to have come from the CL debacle is that the blogging community has gained by so many wonderful new members. The seond best thing was 'purplecooland' so we could 'find' each other again!

MissKris said...

Hello, Cait! I've come over from CJ's blog to visit and enjoyed my time here so much! I too am a poet and I loved reading yours. I once had a pen pal for several years that lived in that anywhere near you? I hope you'll stop by and visit, too...the door's always open! PS...I have a daughter Kaitlin - is your name Caitlin by chance, too?