Alexander Averin

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Catherine Tate - Egg and Spoon


Frances said...

Hello from New York, Cait.
What a welcome surprise to have music play. Thank you. It's a long time since I heard Bird on a Wire. Now I'm gonna go back and see what else you have selected.
Thanks for showing yet another way that folks on this site can share with each other.

CJ said...

Hi Cait,
I have tagged you along with four other ex - CL bloggers - as my five favourite blogs. These tag thingies are lots of fun and help new, would-be readers find you in blogland. You seem to be really tech-savvy but if you have any probs just follow the email link on my blog. Of course, you don't have to participate if you don't want to...Bests

Faith said...

Egg race - very funny! amazed when I came on here and heard music - it made my dog jump!

Now thinking of you, and what I know about you, and its 12.29 on Bank Hol Monday and the angels chose you... 'release'. I hope it means something for you. The longer explanation is 'Let go of all that keeps you in the past or takes you into the future. This may include expectations, inhibitions, control, worry or an outdated self image'.

Re your reply from CJ - what is this all about?? Another Purplecooer put this up on the CCW page, but for some reason I cant get into that page to comment.

Best wishes Cait.

Eden said...

lovely, cait, had such a laugh at this!

Suffolkmum said...

Great Cait, cheered up my day!