Alexander Averin

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

was going to post my blog last night and again this morning but there is still a putrid taste in my mouth. I think half pints of Rescue Remedy or something stronger are still needed all round. The words 'stitch-up', 'fait accompli' and confidence trick come to mind. And others that would not be printable but which you can probably guess. This is no blog, not even a column, but rather an expression of my distaste at the way that we have been treated. Facts. We were asked to keep a DIARY or a WEBLOG, not write a COLUMN. The best writers would be shortlisted and we were supposed to vote for our favourites. The best writers would then be set a task to produce a COLUMN. Did you notice that those shortlisted have produced a ready-made column of the right wordlength? And I am sorry but their very few pieces of writing produced so far do not justify an inclusion on any shortlist. I will always speak the truth when it needs to be said, not clothe it in niceties. Why else did I call my first child Verity? I had my own shortlist, as I am sure we all did and I am so very upset that their obvious talents have not been rewarded. There are some excellent writers out there who have proved their worth over and over again and in the manner in which they were asked! I for one will not be buying CL magazine in future. I feel they are out of touch with real country life anyway, perhaps that is what living and working in the city does to you. Yes were were USED, that is the word I shall use. We were used to 'hit' the website and increase the coffers of CL. Full marks to them for their skills in connivance. It is very much like these 'talent' competitions, reality shows on TV where viewers phone up and make millions for the TV companies/producers by paying for their phone calls. Blogs were rated, God knows why? To produce more 'hits'? Perhaps CL editorial staff could respond to the above points. Blessings today? The plus side (there always is one). Personally I have learned the discipline of writing daily and proved to myself that it is not as hard as I imagined. I am on a creative writing course and it has been a wonderful tool for writing practice. But most of all the very best thing about the whole experience has been the coming together with wonderful fellow bloggers and their blogs. I feel I have made lots of new friends and been privileged to see into other people's lives. People who lead real lives in the real country. People who can write (and produce outstanding artwork too in some cases). May I suggest we do not lose touch but rather that we move our blogs to another site such as blogspot. It would be lovely to start our own 'Real Country Living' site and if anyone else agrees and it would be possible I am up for it. Keep in touch; I will copy this (not really a) blog to the chatroom so it will reach more people. Love to you all God Bless, Caitx

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