Alexander Averin

Friday, 27 April 2007

Dear Diary,

At last I have safely gathered in all the blogs from the old place whose name we do not mention. They look much nicer here I think except for the fact that all the lines run into each other. Sorry about that.

I must also apologise for the fact that they are not in the correct date order and none of the photos made it across. I need some help with posting photos on the blogs here. Can anyone help?

This is my first real test blog. I hope the paragraphs come out OK from now on. Please bear with me. I am a blogspot virgin.



Anonymous said...

Great to be able to read back on your blogs, Cait, without having to chase them all over a field out in the country...loved the read!

Frances said...

Hello from New York, Cait.
It is so good to see your words again. I have been checking in on this spot every so often hoping that you would report in.
It's funny that now I feel much more relaxed about whether to blog or not to blog, so to speak/write. I know that if I don't have time, as seems very true right now, it is so easy just to see who has a recent post, and connect to everyone that way.
Friendly bunch, aren't we?

KittyB said...

Hi there, so lovely to be able to read your blogs again - you have a beautiful way with words.

Anonymous said...

Love "Twenty Years a-growing" or Fiche Bliain ag Fas, it was on my school curriculum back in the day. Love Bryan McMahon, Maurice Walsh, Muiris O'Suilleabhain, and adore John B Keane.