Alexander Averin

Sunday 3 August 2014

Artist Unknown

Painting on My Bedroom Wall

Artist unknown; the painting has everything:
A back view so all might be imagined
but may never be revealed, a tableau
of mystery, misty, somewhat muted.
There is soft light, a  plea for gentleness,
scented roses, a bedside book and candle.
Set by an ancient window, muslin-dressed
in lily-white, a simple wooden bed,
patchwork-quilted, soft and silken-pillowed.
I spy perhaps my own child-self dressed in
lace and Irish linen, her hair loose and
long and wayward in its curl, a tortoiseshell
cat close by, her one familiar.
Is she pondering, is she sad or is
she all a-wonder? I do not know for
her thoughts and face are hidden, even the
beauty of her downturned face can barely
be recalled to mind, the dewiness once
contained within is now unrecognised
but surely she has learned that there is comfort
to be found at every fall of day
and hope at every day’s beginning.

Cait O’Connor

Does anyone recognise this picture? Can anyone tell me the painter’s name? I cannot make out the name on the print which I bought very cheaply from an Oxfam shop.  I fell in love with it at first sight.


Rob-bear said...

Tis a mystery for sure. And you have described it so well. I wonder what she and her cat are thinking or discussing.

Blessings and Bear hugs, Cait!

Margie’s daughter Leiny said...

Not a clue, but it does indeed have everything, big hugs, love Margie❤️

Lorely Forrester said...

Hi Cait, I tried to leave a comment a week or so ago but it wouldn't! Hope it will this time. As always, I love your pictures - they are fabulous, and I love your poem about the cat and the girl and the light from the window. Beautiful. The picture reminds me of stories I read as a child. I love your girls on the beach too, and the dog on the beach ( altho s/he looks a little sad)

Irish Eyes said...

Glorious reflection. I have seen a copy of this picture but don't know who the artist is. It's the sort of picture that stays in your mind, and calls to your heart.