Alexander Averin

Sunday 23 February 2014

Apartment to Let

 Another poem for Magpie Tales.  Better late than never. 



South facing, bricks glowing, rather like me its
aspect was open but with emptiness inside;
a blank canvas whose origins are unknown.
Shabby but not chic, high in the air but
in no way haughty, it overlooked the park.
The apartment was small, (the agent’s word was
bijou, mine was womblike  which suited my intention).
I moved in with cat, books and an optimistic frame.
I aired the place for days and days, gathered salt
and water, swept and scrubbed, hung up bunting, filled
each room with violets, pinks and roses, flooding
them with light. I lit candles and sweet incense,
scented sandalwood and sage
I scattered salt in corners,beat drums in rhythm, 
laughed, clapped, danced and played
rock music way up to the roof. I threw out
blinds and curtains for I really love to see
the skies and count the stars and look out nightly
at the moon.  The escape route, though an eyesore,
was a comfort just in case my candles ever
tipped and quickly spread their flames and
secretly I  felt a little stranded up so high.
After rent is paid, the choice is often  heat
or eat but when the days are bright, I open
windows wide, survey the view, admire the park
and watch the sunlit shadows as they dance
upon those warming, ancient redbrick walls.

Cait O’Connor


Procrastinator extraodinaire said...

How lovely to see you are still blogging. It is AnnaKarenin of old. The poem is so clever, I always got great pleasure from your writing back then.

Sad about the giraffe. They had a similar issue in Lyon with Elephants last year. There was a big thankfully successful campaign and they went to Monaco.

Zoo"s are controversial anyway at the very least they should endeavor to protect all their animals if they are to justify their existence


Catherine said...

I enjoyed reading this - thank you for sharing it.