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Monday, 27 January 2014

Lonely Heart Ad.

The Mill, 1964 Andrew Wyeth

Lonely Heart Ad

A looker-out on life, encased in introspection, 
lost in hibernation,  the window on
her world's stuck fast, a glass she gazes through
that only opens in her  dreams.
Seeking a man of valour, warm, worthy,
strong but gentle and who has everything but
the girl.  She dreams him into being
to thaw a cold and lonely  heart.
He is wildly wise and tuning in somewhere
way out in the West, drumming a rhythm
which matches the beating of her heart

to bring it to its ease.  A true craftsman,
who eats no flesh,  rides against hounds, 

swims against tides, works in wood,

beats only metal, captures only images. 

An artist who understands Man’s purpose:

to be creative, to be kind, to be the instrument of peace
St Francis laid  down for her within her favourite prayer.
Cait O’Connor

Above is a poem written for Magpie Tales which is a blog dedicated to the enjoyment of poets and writers for the purpose of honing their craft and keeping their muses alive and well. Willow posts a picture each week and we have to respond to the image with words.


Countryside Tales said...

I like that Cait :-)

Vee said...

One has to admire anyone who can write in response to a poem or a painting. Well done. I wonder if this Wyeth painting is a scene from my corner.

Sue J said...

Beautifully written!

Sue said...

Definitely one of my favorites this round. Really loved it.


Helena said...

Swept me along. What gracious words for thought!

Tess Kincaid said...

An understanding artist, indeed...nice write Cait...