Alexander Averin

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

It's Only Words

The Ear is an Organ Made for Love

It was the language that left us first.
The Great Migration of words. When people
spoke they punched each other in the mouth.
There was no vocabulary for love. Women
became masculine and could no longer give
birth to warmth or a simple caress with their
lips. Tongues were overweight from profanity
and the taste of nastiness. It settled over cities
like fog smothering everything in sight. My
ears begged for camouflage and the chance
to go to war. Everywhere was the decay of
how we sound. Someone said it reminded
them of the time Sonny Rollins disappeared.
People spread stories of how the air would
never be the same or forgive. It was the end
of civilization and nowhere could one hear
the first notes of A Love Supreme. It was as
if John Coltrane had never been born

E Ethelbert Miller


Frances said...

Cait, I am lucky to see this poetry and to have had the pleasure of seeing Sonny Rollins playing beautifully outdoors at several Lincoln Center summer concerts.

Only words indeed.


Mac n' Janet said...

Wow! What a great poem, even my husband who claims to hate poetry liked it. The imagery was incredible.