Alexander Averin

Thursday, 21 November 2013


After breakfast this morning I swept leaves from the back yard which is something I have passed many hours doing this autumn. I don't mind doing it because it keeps me fit and certainly beats going to the gym. When the job is done I love to put the leaves on the compost heap knowing that they will soon rot down and turn into the most sumptuous compost. 

When I had finished my sweeping I sat down on what I call my park bench which sits between two tall pine trees by the river and I was 'taken by the skies', as I so often am, so I popped indoors for my camera to take photos of the view. The pics can be found here, next door, please do call by if you have time and take a peek.

How have you spent this sweet November morning I wonder?


Frances said...

Cait, I would also have been taken by that sky. Your photographs are lovely!

This morning, I am doing the weekly laundry while catching up with blogs. In a short while, I will be returning to the painting of my Christmas tea cup cards. And knitting, and tending to my new etsy shop.

I might forget to stop for lunch. Surely I need to have a peek at a beautiful sky. xo

Rian said...

Love your sky pics! Sometimes I look at the sky and wish I had the skill to capture that in watercolor...

Elizabeth Wix said...

Yes, such lovely skies!
I tidied the apartment a bit and am enjoying our clear bright weather here.

Angela Bell said...

Lovely pictures of the skies and in the minds eye you sweeping away! I love the painting on your header!

Marianne said...

I love that phrase 'taken by the skies' very evocative!

Sue said...

I'm ashamed to say I've spent the morning on my computer, and it's a beautiful day outside. You have motivated me to get out there!