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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Ty yr Gof

Dear Diary

It has been such a long time since I have blogged properly.Today I just want to draw attention to the school meals blog called Never Seconds written by a nine year old girl Martha Payne - her local council did try and ban her from continuing with it even though her school were encouraging her and this is partly why I am promoting it.  She has raised a lot of money for charity along the way. Do visit, the idea is brilliant and what a great way to start her career in journalism. More power to her and to the freedom of speech..........

I am sorry I have not been visiting blogs of late but am pleased to say I am back to normal wellness now and I have given up my job so I shall have more time for writing and pursuing my many other interests. I shall miss the borrowers at the library and the books but hope to retain my links with both.

I shall finish with a poem. It is about my home in Wales but the picture (above) is not of my cottage it is in fact a cottage in my spiritual home (Ireland).  I stumbled on this very fine artist Donald Curran - do check out his paintings.

There I have given you two very fine places to visit on this wet and windy summer's day.

More power to you,


Nearly forgot....................

Ty yr Gof
(Blacksmith’s Cottage)

I’m old now, set in stone and slow to heat,
needing a flame within,always burning,
to warm my heart and circulate my blood
but mine’s a kind of beauty that can snare
those with a soul.

I sit beside the Dulas bank, I watch
her waters rise and fall; for ever and
ever over stones without end she will
whisper or roar, she will amble or race.

Centuries of heartbeats have drummed down deep
within my walls; births, deaths, peace, war, through storms
and calm and all that bravely goes between
I have been loved.

Did I neglect to mention the mountains?
They surround me on all sides, they fold me,
they hold me and they share all my secrets,
strengthening my spell with the power of  peace,
cast beneath the magic of the Dulas moon.

Cait O’Connor


Tony in Devon said...

Thank you for sharing your poems and photos - seen after your posting on Leanne's 'Tales of Simple Days'. We too, my wife and I, enjoy five rural acres (Devon)... and a 160-about-year-old cottage... and edit for magazines part-time. The ancient track, the trees, even the snow on the table... I don't blog those, but maintain (not just an advert... delete that if you wish!) and should put more effort into my poetry site at - you can see why I appreciate your photos and poems and sentiments... Thanks again. Tony

Dave King said...

Good to have you back blogging again. I did know of Never Seconds, but well done you in advertising it.

Fine post, highly appreciated.

Frances said...

Good morning Cait.

It's grand to know that you are back in good health. I can imagine that you will miss seeing the library borrowers, but can also imagine that you are going to treasure having additional time for your own beautiful writing.

Your poem is so fine in the way that allows the reader to discover its pathways.

I also had read about that courageous and bright little girl who thought that lunch should be much improved.

Thank you for posting the painting of the cottage, and also for the Sean Scully. I do like his paintings and prints, and have seen many exhibits.

Welcome back! xo