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Sunday 17 June 2012

Molly's Blog

Dear Diary,

It is Sunday and I am having a day off from blogging. My cat has offered to stand in for me. Be gentle with her if you do comment; Molly is a novice and this is actually her very first attempt at writing (please leave a few comments though or she will lose confidence).

My Name Is Molly

My name is Molly (she had to choose an Irish name for me even though I’m Welsh!).

Once a farm kitten, I am now a proper cat and as I said I am of Wales.  I live in an old blacksmith’s cottage on a small holding of land by a river.

I am white, I am wild and I am very, very wise.

I am pure white (all over) and no I am not an albino, I am not deaf and I am not blind. And my eyes are not pink, they are the clearest green.

I live with Cait, my familiar, the ‘witch’. Yes I know most witches own a black cat, trust mine to be different. I think she got confused being a white witch and all (well I think she’s one and I'm not alone there I can tell you).  She wonders how I stay so white living in this grubby, muddy, area, I have never been otherwise; it is a Big Mystery.

What follows is what they call on these blog things an 

About Me

I am no longer a youngster and my days of motherhood are long gone. I appreciate nowadays a slow and rhythmical routine. When I was young and in my prime I raised two litters and gave birth to a mix of all black and all white babies each time and in equal numbers. And I’ll tell you something else, very coincidental.  My twin sister Mia (who lived with me) had litters at the same time and she did exactly the same. Yes it was the same father and you’ve guessed it, he was a pure all black’un.  Tom cats are sooooo promiscuous.  It would be racist to say that black ones are even more so and anyway I know that males are all the same. My familiar says she wouldn’t have a tom in the house as they are always straying or spraying (I don’t know which is worse). He was a handsome fella though....... 

Anyway, quite a while after my second brood were found new homes in the area I was taken to that place where they do things to you to make you better if you are poorly. I don’t know what they did to me though because I had a long sleep and when I woke up I didn’t feel that good. Soon recovered though and didn’t have any more babies after that.  She called it being ‘spayed’. 

In case you are wondering what happened to my twin Mia, this is where you may need a hanky, I know that humans are prone to ‘leaking’ from their eyes when they are moved emotionally. (Unlike cats who never reveal their deepest feelings). Well one day my dearest Mia went out the catflap, never returned and was never seen again. She was a tad wilder than me but she always came home. There was no sign of her. She had not been run over. Foxes were blamed, locals with guns, we just hadn’t a clue.  We were all devastated. She and I used to lie like yin and yang on the armchair by the old Rayburn, after Mia disappeared I never went near that chair for over a year and between you and me it broke my heart losing my other half.

Patience is my middle name, my fur has never flown, I never scratch or bite, never have but then my familiar is (usually) a gentle soul and we get on well together. I love children and tolerate dogs, in fact I loved Finn the dear old lurcher who sadly moved on to Animal Heaven quite recently, God bless him. 

I only just about tolerate the collie though.

Cait (my familiar) tells me often that she wants to come back as a cat in her next life and to live in a nice home with loving owners. I take that as a compliment. Did I mention that she talks to me a lot? She talks to the dog too (and plants!). Better keep it quiet.  I do question her sanity.

Anyway I digress as usual. Here are my:

Hobbies and Interests

I am fully qualified in Zen.  My days usually pass pleasantly and are interspersed with:

spells of meditation and meal-breaks,


nightime forays into the wilderness which surrounds this old cottage (paradise for cats),

birdwatching from the windowsills,

serious sleeping,

lightly dozing,

sun basking, (rare lately),

rolling over and over (it takes me back to my youth),

chasing shadows,



being superior to the collie,

catching birds, mice, and lots more creatures but this is never appreciated,

sitting on Cait’s lap and watching the thing by the computer which moves a lot and she calls a mouse (she is mad),

acting unruly if I feel like it, refusing to be ruled, tamed or authorised in any way,

not always answering to my name being called (it depends if there is a chance of food),

enjoying being self obsessed,  ‘sufficent to the self thereof’,

jumping on certain people’s laps whether they want me to or not,
ignoring folk I don’t take to.

jumping on my familiar’s bed in the mornings and gently ‘nudging’ her into getting up to feed me my breakfast crunchies.

Nocturnal in my habits, I sleep by day on an armchair beside the old Rayburn on a cushion and I have my very own multicoloured blanket of crocheted wool. I sometimes (since Finn has died) curl up on the rug with the collie.

Humans have much to learn from my ways, don’t you think?




Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Although Edward is utterly horrified by this post, I absolutely adored it! Molly is an articulate and magical cat, isn't she?

Catherine said...

Nice to meet you Molly. Any space on that cushioned chair for moi? Regards Kitty

e said...

You are a beautiful cat, and one I would love to share my lap with.

Nan said...

Well, this was so much fun to read. I loved it!! And I understand about the loss of Mia. I know my dog Sadie has taken over a year to find out who she is as an only dog since her friend Ben died. Animals have a depth that the humans who love them know about, while people on the 'outside' know nothing about. Come back again, Molly. Tell us about your adventures. :<)

Nan said...

Oh, and about this collie. Is it a 'real' collie or a border collie? I find on the internet now that both are referred to as collies. I had a rough collie, and we loved him to pieces. He died young of epilepsy, and someday we hope to get a smooth collie.

Pictures please!

Cait O'Connor said...

A border collie Nan, I will post a pic.

Anonymous said...

That is one lovely post, Molly. You are indeed a beautiful cat.

I have 4 collies and I fear you would find them all a handful. Though one of my collies is called Molly, and I do think you'd get on wonderfully.

CJ x

p.s. please tell your familiar that this was a fabulously written post, and make sure she gives you extra nibbles.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to meet you Molly. So sad about Mia but you sound much-loved and cared about to help you cope.
I very much enjoyed reading all about you, your kittens, and the way you spend your days.

Friko said...

Hi Molly, when did you learn to type? My paws are too big, I can only hit half the keyboard at a time and always miss the key I want.

Molly, you are very pretty and I'm sorry that your love life has been curtailed. Still, there are other things in life to compensate, aren't there.

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Thank you Molly for filling in for Cait. Mrs Black sat next to me on the big old overstuffed (and bare in places) chair while I read your clever words to her. Being a black cat she was much interested. We are very sad of your loss of Mia. We would love to share our home with an white cat, perhaps one day one will come to us. x