Alexander Averin

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Just a poem

My daughter sent me this poem by Giacomo Leopardi

The Infinite  

It was always dear to me, this solitary hill,
and this hedgerow here, that closes out my view,
from so much of the ultimate horizon.
But sitting here, and watching here, in thought,
I create interminable spaces,
greater than human silences, and deepest
quiet, where the heart barely fails to terrify.
When I hear the wind, blowing among these leaves,
I go on to compare that infinite silence
with this voice, and I remember the eternal
and the dead seasons, and the living present,
and its sound, so that in this immensity
my thoughts are drowned, and shipwreck seems sweet
to me in this sea.              


Marion Williams-Bennett said...

This poem speaks to the feelings that come up for me when I go back to my returning places - the places in nature that I go back to time and time again. In being in these spaces I feel how different I am, the space is, the world is.

It's a beautiful poem and a beautiful image as the top!

Best wishes, Cait, for a all the best in the new year!

CAMILLA said...

Oh Cait, the Poem is soo beautiful, what really lovely descriptive words.!