Alexander Averin

Friday, 3 December 2010


Dear Diary,

The cold has become something of a cliché and I fear I am boring you. But it is on my mind all the time and sensually I can’t ignore it because most of the time I am striving to keep warm. I am sure it dulls the brain and slows me down because I seem to be just plodding lately, getting nowhere fast and unable to achieve anything; I have just spent what seems like ages just replying to mail and deleting my overfull email Inbox - a complete waste of time really.

I look out of the cottage windows and everything is a bright white, it is really very beautiful (another cliché) but there are always so many (desperate) birds flying around or feeding (and sometimes fighting) at the feeders. We bought huge sacks of peanuts and seed to see them through and I feed them each morning while my own breakfast of porridge is cooking (oats make good central heating!). Mid-morning those late risers the starlings arrive en masse and ‘take over’ - M hates them but I say they have to live and eat the same as the rest of us. I haven’t seen any fieldfares yet this year which is strange as they always come in conditions like this - perhaps it is too early in the season.

There are lots of icicles and thick snow but at least the road is clear and traffic is passing by safely - a bit different to this time last week when we had eighteen vehicles stuck outside. We will be OK until the council’s grit supplies run low and then we will not be top priority - then the fun will start ….or not.

The weather dominates the news and the constant forecasts which are frustrating because they can never seem to get it right (‘twas ever thus). My daughter says they make it up as they go along and I think she is right. They said it would be Minus 6 last night and it was Minus 12.5. It is a balmy Minus 5 at the moment! I look pretty barmy too layered up as I am indoors and wearing an unflattering thermal hat that is too big for me. It was bought in desperation at the beginning of the week - there was not much choice in the agricultural supplies store. But I have finally succumbed and turned the radiators up to their maximum output, I’m dreading the leccy bill as it was horrendous last year and I didn’t turn it on full then.

The wind has lessened today but it is cloudy and snow is forecast for later. I have to go out soon but will be keeping an eye on the skies…….

How is it with you?

Bye for now,


Toni aka irishlas said...

It won't be long before we are dealing with the "white stuff" here in the Mid-Atlantic. I'm really not looking forward to it no matter how magical it is!

Stay safe and warm. Have a great weekend.

mollygolver said...

Cait - I'm shivering just reading your post! We have quite a bit of snow here too, but not as much as yours! We live near a single track road and a steep bank which is treacherous to say the least. OK once you can get out on the main road though. Keep warm, that's the main thing!

Mark said...

Q. How is with me?

A. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

That would be a tough word to start a poem with.

Fran said...

Nothing like that here. Shame. It would mean a couple of days off work. But, hey. C'est la vie.

Bee said...

My husband is away, and the heat goes off all night, and I thought that I was going to freeze the other night! I was jetlagged, too; thrust from 30 degrees in Texas (also unseasonal; I was visiting my family) to these below-freezing temps. I put an electric blanket on our bed . . . how much "leccy" do you think it uses? . . . but I was properly warm. Yesterday I spent a blissful day baking . . . but today I had to go to London, which was not as much fun! Poor you in Wales. I know it has been really bad there. . . and your picture tell their own tale!

Nora said...

It's almost, but not quite as bad here in the south of the Netherlands. Tomorrow we are supposed to have some rain and snow and then rain on Sunday. It will not be freezing anymore. Hurray!

Lane said...

Woah you've had it bad.

Beautiful to look at but horrendous to live through. I wish you more manageable temperatures very soon!

CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

Love the Oscar Wilde quote, such beautiful snowy pics Cait, it is about 5 inches of snow here in Norfolk and much ice too. I think this year for us has been the coldest I have known since I have lived in Norfolk which is twenty two years ago now.

Know what you mean about the heating Cait, oil and fuel is soo expensive, but need to keep warm at the moment, it's freeezzzing.!

Stay warm, cosy fireside, snuggy throws, and plenty of hot tea.!

Have a lovely weekend Cait.


CAMILLA said...

Hello again Cait,

Forgot to mention, I am feeding the birds too as I aways do, but what with the deep snow and cold weather at the moment think the birds are finding it hard to feast.

Have put out plenty of special food for birds of nuts and bread and fruit, know what 'M' means about the Starlings, I call them the Mafia! but know they need feeding just as well.


Vee said...

Cait, it's because of this weather that I've looked you up today and found myself wondering why I don't just have you on my blog roll where you can be easily found. (I'm taking care of that pronto.) You really do have ever so much snow and while it is lovely... You are so good to think of the birds and I'm sure that they are struggling like all of you. Wish that I could send you some better weather. If ours were going directly east, I'm pretty sure that I could guarantee you warming air in three or four days.