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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Images and a few words

Dear Diary,

It has been too long since my last post, many apologies.
Of course I have excuses but won't list them, far too boring.  Just call them Life which we all understand because we all suffer from its many humdrum lamentations.

I picked up a copy of Country Life the other day in the library and was delighted to find a piece on Alan Cotton, one of my favourite artists (see above and my header pic).  I saw that he has an exhibition at Messum's,  8. Cork Street, West London from 15th September to 2nd October.  I also learned that he is a knife-painter (no he doesn't paint knives but he paints with knives) and that his paintings are influenced not only by my beloved west of Ireland but also by many other (warmer) climes.  There is a new book out by Jenny Pery, Alan Cotton: Giving Life a Shape.

Before I go,

I will leave you with a little poem.

Ange passe

I found them the day after the autumn solstice
in my favourite spot beneath the willow.
beside the stream
where birds and hedgehogs feed,
otters play and the fox and badger roam at night.
A place that is sacred and silent
on early morning strolls or night-time meditations.
Beneath my feet
lay a carpet of white feathers
(I felt the usual rush of love);
wondered had there been a party
on that warm September night?
I stood quite still and stared in wonder at the sight.
Was this a blessing of sweet angels at my feet,
gathered for the celebration of the season?
I still felt their presence and sensed there had been
much merriment, for joy hung in the air
and crowds of goodbye kisses were still blowing in the breeze.

Cait O'Connor


Frances said...

Cait, as always I have enjoyed my visit to your site.

I clicked over here tonight to let you know of the gorgeous clear sky over New York City tonight and it's letting me see the gleaming moon...just before 8 pm.

Your poem is fine, and I also thank you for the introduction to a fine painter. Won't it be fine when you and I actually do get to have a chat over many cups of tea? xo

Posie said...

Cait what beautiful, atmospheric paintings. My favourite is the first one, lovely colours.

CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

Loved the Poems and the artist Alan Cotton's paintings draws you in to his subjects, wonderful colourings.

That Country Life you mention with Alan Cotton's paintings and info on the Museum I have here Cait, my son's partner gave it to me only a few weeks ago.


Margie said...

Beautiful words and images Cait, as usual. Your posts always inspire and are thought provoking. Hugs, Margie.