Alexander Averin

Friday, 3 September 2010

A Fable For Our Times

The Ant Story : Working Life

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A friend emailed this to me yesterday, I think it should be set in stone.


Fennie said...

Do you wonder why I work for myself? I saw through this as long ago as 1982! Maybe the Lion ought to have employed another insect though to stop the ant playing with blogs and Purple Coo!

Tommy said...

Nice blog and cool post.

If you're interested, this is mine:

Posie Rosie said...

I felt for the ant. I used to work in such an Fennie's response, the ant hooked to PC and blogging lol

Pondside said...

Oh dear - this comes very close to home. I'd send it to my colleagues, but it is to near the truth!

mollygolver said...

Cait - that is a brilliant piece of insight and so true. Perhaps the Powers-that-Be should take note!