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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Think of me on Sundays

This poem is inspired by a meme on
Yolanda's Perfectly Imperfect blog.

Think of me on Sundays.

Think of me on Sundays…

For if I were a day I’d like to be a Sunday; quiet and reflective.
If I were a time it would be night with my hours full of moonlight and wonder.
If I were a planet it would surely be the one that’s lost,
just out of reach, still waiting, borne on imagination.
If I were a direction it would have to be west for it is my spirit’s home,
to where I am drawn, from whence I came.
If I were a piece of furniture I’d love to be the bentwood rocker
on your sweet New England porch.
To calm you down I’d rock and soothe you off to sleep;
you’d be forever cradled in my arms of polished wood.
If I were liquid I’d be pure water in your streams or in sea water’s waves
or in cascades that play God’s music in their waterfalls.
If I were precious I would not be gold but would dress always in amethyst
encased in silver so I could lie at all times near your heart.
If I were a flower I’d want be the wildest rose, persistent, understated, seldom found.
If I were weather I would be in Ireland’s rain
so my drops would be gentle, soft and warm.
If I were an instrument I’d be
uilleann pipes;
you’d hear me and I’d touch you somewhere deep within,
If I were a colour I’d have to steal the blue of summer skies
and be unapologetic in my crime.
If I were an emotion I’d strive hard to be thoughtful, always deep but wholly kind.
If I were a sound you’d hear me in the waves on oceanic crossings.
If I were an element I would strive to dance within the fire
that lights the blessing candle in your home.
If I were a place I’d be an island, small and safe, protected,
a haven for the poor lost souls and rescued beasts of burden on this Earth.
If I were textile I’d be the softest silk in pastels
or cotton paisley in bright colours, depending on your mood.
If I were a song it would always be the rebel’s tune
played loud and always shouting for a cause.
If I were a city I’d be Dublin, I’d feel at home there
and would sincerely hope you’d stay.
I’d be the doorway in a photo, a piece of history or art.
But if I were a gift for you I’d like to be a book,
one of wild, unruly poems, unstructured, wrapped with care, 
something to treasure all your days.
I’d hope you’d bring it out on Sundays .

Think of me on Sundays…

Cait O’Connor


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This is just beautiful.
I shall think of you tomorrow.

Fennie said...

Cait, that is so lovely and so you! There's a lovely thread of sadness and longing running through the poem.
It deserves wider circulation, though from personal experience I think you're a tad over complimentary about Ireland's rain!

loralai said...

One of my Artworks called Sunday Morning hangs in our Dining Room. I'm very much a Sunday Girl and I suppose, Cait, that you are too..Very lovely poetry.

Frances said...

Cait, if I were better at choosing words, I would be able to tell you how much I liked reading this poem.

It's already Sunday where you are. I am thinking of you.


CAMILLA said...

Hello Cait,

I just love Keats Poems, and the words from Poem - Sunday, is really lovely.

Have a lovely Sunday dear Cait.


Ruth said...

You brought back wonderful memories of Ireland, thank you. This is lovely.

How nice that you have a thing for hanging laundry . . . or is it just pictures of it? :)

ds said...

Wonderful, Cait. Thank you!

Mark said...

So how can we tell you are Irish!

I especially liked the lines about the weather and the soft warm rain.

Look out for my friend Jim Perrin's new Book WEST. It is reviewed in the Times on Tuesday. he is wonderful writer on landscape

Friko said...

Very imaginative, this is something I shall have to try myself.

lissa said...

I like your answer for time - though I probably would be the opposite

thanks for your visit to my blog

Susan said...

That is just gorgeous!

Vee said...

Cait, you surely do have a way with words. Thank you for sharing your poetry with us.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...


And thank you for commenting on my weekend posts. It would be just fine, for you to have written out your thoughts, on the topics, right there in my comments.

That's what those kinds of posts are about. Stimulating readers to share their thoughts/view. Right there in comments. So everyone can share them.


Pondside said...

'If I were a sound you’d hear me in the waves on oceanic crossings.'
I loved this, Cait!