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Saturday, 5 June 2010

For Vincent

'V' wasn't so hard after all. This just happens to be one of my all-time favourites with beautiful lyrics too and Vincent is the name of my late brother, the one I never got to meet, I missed him by a matter of days, God rest his soul.. Why on earth did I think that this letter of the alphabet would be a challenge?

'W' should be a breeze (hold on Frances) and I can't wait to post 'Y'. 'X' will be hard as will 'Z'. But then I shall be back to more 'normal' blogging, I am quite looking forward to that but I hope you have been enjoying the music, I know I have found it fun searching.

In today's choice I hope you enjoy not just the music but the delicious works of art too.


starry night
paint your palette blue and grey

look out on a summer's day
with eyes that know the
darkness in my soul.
Shadows on the hills
sketch the trees and the daffodils

catch the breeze and the winter chills

in colors on the snowy linen land.
And now I understand what you tried to say to me

how you suffered for your sanity
how you tried to set them free.
They would not listen
they did not know how

perhaps they'll listen now.

starry night
flaming flowers that brightly blaze

swirling clouds in violet haze reflect in
Vincent's eyes of China blue.
Colors changing hue
morning fields of amber grain

weathered faces lined in pain
are soothed beneath the artist's
loving hand.
And now I understand what you tried to say to me

how you suffered for your sanity
how you tried to set them free.
perhaps they'll listen now.

For they could not love you
but still your love was true

and when no hope was left in sight on that starry
starry night.
You took your life
as lovers often do;
But I could have told you
this world was never
meant for one
as beautiful as you.

starry night
portraits hung in empty halls

frameless heads on nameless walls
with eyes
that watch the world and can't forget.
Like the stranger that you've met

the ragged men in ragged clothes

the silver thorn of bloody rose
lie crushed and broken
on the virgin snow.
And now I think I know what you tried to say to me

how you suffered for your sanity

how you tried to set them free.
They would not listen
they're not
list'ning still
perhaps they never will.

Don McLean


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

One of the most beautiful songs.

Frances said...

Cait, you are quite a wonderful lady. Dedicated reader that I am, I would love to hear more about your doings in the library.

This song challenge of yours has been a very good way to draw forth favorite tunes from folks from all over.

I must share this little story with you. The shop plays music all day. We have no control over this music. It is sent to all the shops within the company from HQ. A new CD compilation arrives about once a month. These CD compilations are in compliance with ASCAP and other copywrite regs.

Sometimes the music is surprisingly wonderful. Often that is not the case.

Recently, a tune was playing that I actually liked, and I knew who was singing, Leonard Cohen.

There were no customers in the shop. One of my staffers made some comment about the song. I asked, do you not know Leonard Cohen. Cait ... not one of the other three staffer then working had any idea who Leonard Cohen might be.

Again, I thank you for this A to Z.

(Forgot while you were back at S, to thank you for avoiding Staircase to you know where.) xo

Kim said...

I love, love, love this song!

Fran said...

This is such a lovely song.

Sheila said...

Just happened upon your blog and will have to go back and see the other songs you've chosen. I love this song and saw "Summertime" below. this is a wonderful song as well. Sunshine Always - Sheila

CAMILLA said...

Thank you Cait, this is such a beautiful song and one of my all time favourites.

Love your Header of Van Gogh, Cait.


Poet in Residence said...

It's lways a pleasure to chance upon Vincent van Gogh. He's one of my favourite human beings.
Did you know that he was sacked by the church for selling church artefacts and giving the proceeds to the poverty stricken Belgian miners when he was a trainee priest. A very Christian man (in the true sense) he was. 'Germinal', a novel by Emile Zola highlights the plight of these poor people whom Vincent tried to help.