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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Quite by Chance

I have spent a long time this morning just surfing around, seeking for you you a song and a picture and maybe some words, just bits and pieces that might brighten your day.

So it's just a bits and pieces post today.

Cara Dillon won an award at the Folk Awards 2010, I love her voice and own one of her CD's but I couldn't decide on a favourite song of hers to post for you. Then I thought of Paul Brady who I also love and started looking for a song from him. What should I find quite by chance but a song with Paul Brady singing with Cara Dillon and a song that I love so. I hope you enjoy it too, it is a shame that video is a wee bit dark colour-wise... but the voices light it up don't you think?

The Streets of Derry

After the morning there comes an evening
And after the evening another day
And after a false love there comes a true love
I'd have you listen now to what I say

I swear my love is the finest young man
As fair as any the sun shines on
But how to save him, I do not know it
For he has got a sentence to be hung

As he was marching the streets of Derry
I own he marched up right manfully
Being much more like a commanding officer
Than a man to die upon the gallows tree

"What keeps my love so long in coming
Oh what detains her so long from me
Or does she think it a shame or scandal
To see me die upon the gallows tree"

He looked around and he saw her coming
And she was dressed all in woollen fine
The weary steed that my love was riding
It flew more swiftly than the wind

Come down, come down from that cruel gallows
I've got your pardon from the king
And I'll let them see that they dare not hang you
And I'll crown my love with a bunch of green

And here is something visual to complete the mix. I stumbled across this artist while surfing, quite by chance...but then nothing happens just quite by chance does it?

Bolus Head

The Kerryscape


All paintings of County Kerry, my mother's homeland.
Quite by chance Killorglin was the town nearest to her home.

Jay Mulligan is the artist

Ireland has been calling me this week and quite by chance I caught a snippet on the Welsh news last night that the Swansea to Cork ferry is at long last opening up again. I am thrilled because it means I can now be in County Cork quite quickly and painlessly. (I hate flying). All it takes is a not-too-long drive to Swansea, an overnight sleep in a cabin and then I am there, landed in my favourite Irish county.

I am a little late posting this as I had, quite by chance, a visit from my beautiful daughter

and my equally beautiful granddaughter who is one month old now.

I spent a couple of hours cuddling her, what more could I ask?

A perfect afternoon.

The day is not over yet, what may yet be about to happen, quite by chance?

I hope you have had a perfect day too, if not there is always tomorrow.

Look out for happiness, it can come quite by chance.

Bye for now,
Go mbeannai Dia duit,


Tattie Weasle said...

Oh Cait you cught me quite by chnace with your last words - quite beautiful!

twiggypeasticks said...

Hi Cait
what a wonderful painting of Kerry, I've taken many photos over the last few years that are so similar. We are very excited about the Swansea Cork ferry, the last time we used it was before I was pregnant and we can't wait to take our 4 year old on it, what a fab adventure it'll be !!
twiggy x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Book your passage.

Pipany said...

Love the concept of quite by chance Cait. It opens up so many possibilities doesn't it? x

gaelikaa said...

Hello Cait, I've not been back for a while. I'm glad all is well. Congrats on the new granddaughter. I knew one was expected around Christmas....

Fennie said...

Quite by chance my paternal grandmother came from County Cork and I love that part of Ireland. Great blog, Cait. I wonder if I shall ever take that ferry?

Persabus said...

I still listen a lot to your lovely music as I paint in the afternoons, and am always meaning to leave a comment to let you know I've called by. It is always so inspiring to see the lovely art work you post and read your words. Posie x

Marcheline said...

Weepy, me. Thanks for that beautiful tune.

Cottage Garden said...

I love those paintings, they are so colourful and cheerful.

That's good news about the ferry reopening - they'll be no stopping you now!

I'm a firm believer that things do happen for a reason and the hand of fate guides us.

Beautiful words Cait.

Jeanne x

CAMILLA said...

Beautiful music Cait along with such beautiful pictures too.
Wonderful news that you will now be able to get across to Ireland by the Swansea Cork Ferry, and not have to fly, I have a fear of flying too Cait.

Can hardly believe a month has gone by, your little beautiful granddaughter now a month old.

Yes, book that trip to Ireland Cait.!