Alexander Averin

Friday, 15 January 2010


Each day I climb my hill to meander through a wood of oak

but I cannot see much below me on this grey December morning.

All is shrouded in silver and even I am lost in meditation,

dry-wrapped in a white and frost-ridden silence

which seems holy and most soothing

for it dulls the senses and muffles tears

with a sound that is something like Peace.

Its soft blanket of comfort embraces and protects me,

over and over till I am warm and safe again,

snug in its womb-like cocoon.

It is starting to clear now and

I believe that with its inevitable lifting

will come a dissipation and true inspiration,

a renewal,

a different view of things

and warm, warm sunshine.

©Cait O’Connor


Reasons said...

Very lovely Cait, thank you.

Pam said...

Wishing you the good things in life, to warm your spirit Cait. This is beautifully written.

Cottage Garden said...

Optimism and hope for the turning of the season shines through in your soothing words. Just beautiful Cait:)

Jeanne x

Withy Brook said...

A lovely poem, Cait. Full of hope, as has been said

willow said...

I like that you have a hill to climb, a place to meditate.

Friko said...

A wonderful feeling of solitude, standing shrouded in
mist with all the noises of the world switched off by a blanket of snow. That is what I get from your poem.

Packrat said...

Very beautiful, Cait.

I wish I weren't so lazy. I should go climb the hill or go down and sit on a rock by the river and get a different perspective on life.

Elizabethd said...

Beautiful, thank you Cait.

Harnett-Hargrove said...

I call this time, winter-work... you cannot always see the results, but you have the seeds in mind just before the spring blooming. -Jayne

Mark said...

Well I'm all for warm warm sunshine - in all its forms

All My Yesterdays said...

I'm in the need of a different way to see things also...this was beautiful, Thank you

Evening Light Writer said...

I absolutely agree with you, it will lift and splendid new life will come with it.

Marcheline said...


I spent all my free time yesterday looking at online plant nurseries... flowering trees, hedges, bulbs, anything that urges Springtime on!

Pondside said...

There's nothing quite like the silence after a snowfall. You have had your share this year, I think.

CAMILLA said...

Dear Cait,

That is soo beautiful, thank you for sharing with us.