Alexander Averin

Tuesday 22 February 2011



Why did God make Men; was She only joking?
Why does the caged bird sing?
Why do I beat myself up and always drive myself on?
Why do the good die young?
Why do I always fall asleep on the sofa
and then wake at the end of the film?
Why can’t I sleep when I get to bed
but not want to wake in the morning?
Why do I feel wide awake at night
yet  could easily drowse the day long?
Why does time pass more quickly the older you get?
Why does each year go faster than the last?
Why do a few minutes pass so slowly when I am willing them to go by?
Why do hours just whiz by on the computer?
Why does time fly when I’m having fun?
(Where does the time go?).
Why does food always taste better out of doors?
Why, if I am looking for a particular card in my purse, it will be the last to be found?
Why does a good book always end too quickly?
Why do people only call by when the house is a tip?
Why does no-one call when it’s clean and tidy?
Why, if heat rises, is it colder the higher up you go?
Why does the phone ring just as I am dishing up a meal or wallowing in the bath?
Why does a word keep cropping up after it has been discussed?
Why do we always want what we haven’t got
and not appreciate what we already have?
Why is youth wasted on the young?
Why can’t there be an end to war?
Why do we never learn from history?
Why do we laugh?
Why do we cry?
Why do we write?
Why do we blog?
Why are we here?
Why are you reading this cr**?
Why do we worry anyway?

Answers on a postcard please.
(Or in comments below).

Cait O’Connor


Molly said...

Cait I enjoyed reading this post so much :0) It reminded me of when we used to have those little autograph books in school and write in each others - one I can remember went a bit like this -
2 YY s UR
2 YY s UB
2 YY s 4 ME

Frances said...

Cait, you have made me laugh with this posting of deep, very deep questions.

I've got no answers to offer up myself, but will keep an eye on your area over here, just in case some eternam mysteries might be solved.

(Wasn't that last full moom truly magical?)


laurie said...

i'm laughing!

ds said...

I have absolutely no idea--but I love this post. Thank you!

Toni aka irishlas said...

No answers here, but, I loved this post. The questions are ones that everyone in life asks themselves.

Fennie said...

The best answer I can offer is 'because that's the way it is, so hurry up (as the vampire mother said) and eat your soup before it clots.'

In a different universe we might have other things to worry about.

Fire Byrd said...

Great post, brings to mind the childhood joke,
Why do birds fly south in the winter~
Cause it's too far to walk!!!

The bike shed said...

And why does it rain so much in Wales?

Like yos said, why worry?

CAMILLA said...

Haha, great post Cait, sadly I do not have any answers though.


Norma Murray said...

No answers except the one my father always gave me - Because it is, that's why.