Alexander Averin

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Meme

Dear Diary.

I promised I would do it so here goes.

I’ll try and be brief, you have probably read this one as it has been tackled by others so many times before.

What are my current obsessions?

Photography is my latest craze and I have opened another blog for some pics.

My others you know about. Poetry, books, music, Ireland…….

Which item of clothing am I wearing most

Jeans I suppose and scarves and shawls but to be honest (as they say in Wales) I am bored with all of my clothes.

What’s for dinner?

Roast chicken (lemony and garlicky). Got the recipe from Nigel Slater’s Appetite, a great cookbook.
Roast potatoes, stuffing, broccoli, carrots.
Delia’s toffee pudding.

Last thing I bought

A photography book!

What am I listening to?

A friend sent me a song on the subject of watching clouds as we both love this pastime. The song is sung by Abby Dobson., an Australian singer.

What would I say to the person who inspired me to do this post?

Willow, your blog is fantastic!

Favourite holiday destination?


A canal boat holiday in France maybe, or Ireland or the UK.

Anywhere I would like to visit before I die?

New England
New York

Reading right now?

One of Us
- A fabulous novel by Melissa Benn who is the daughter of my hero Tony Benn.

Guilty pleasure?

Buying a magazine occasionally. No delete that, they are always a disappointment.
Buying books?

First Spring thing?

Picking snowdrops from my garden.

Best thing I ate or drank lately

Butterscotch cake made by M.

Which Spring flower am I most anxious to see?

Snowdrops, bluebells.

Care to share some wisdom?

Only kindness matters.

Is there a television programme that I enjoy at the moment?

All the Small Things

That’s all folks and if you’ve got this far then thanks for reading..

I am tagging Milla and anyone else who fancies having a go.

(Remove one question and add one of your own making)

Bye for now,



Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Butterscotch cake. Oh.

Lane said...

Can I have your dinner?

lovely answers:-)

Milla said...

what a sweet sausage you are!!
Grub does indeed sound delish and totally agree with you about magazines which I never buy, just skim over at the dentist's.

Pondside said...

I'll be over for dinner - pudding sounds delicious!
First of all, the painting on your header always makes me catch my breath. The blue.........
This was a good meme. I'd never pictured you in jeans and shawls, but now that's how you'll be in my mind.


Cait, photography - excellent confession :) TFx

Elizabeth said...

Dear Cait,
Can I come to dinner with you? Your menu sounds superb.Then you can come to New York and visit with me.
Yes, Tony Benn is my hero too.
I loved these glimpses into your world.

CAMILLA said...

Love the header picture to your post Cait.

I adore Butterscotch, will have to see out a recipe for this, Butterscotch Cake........ yum.!

I loved reading your Meme Cait, and like you I too adore shawls.