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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Five Paintings

This is homework for Purplecoo, I don't always get around to doing it, (I am such a bad pupil) but I could not resist this task which was to choose five favourite paintings.

It was so very very hard to choose just five. I love so many. It is a bit like being asked to choose a favourite author or a favourite book (that is also impossible).

My cottage is full of pictures, a lot feature rural scenes and/or children funnily enough, many have cottages in them.

The first, 'There's Always Tomorrow' by Betsy Cameron is a current favourite. I have crazes for images in the same way as I do for songs. I seem to go for 'back view' images of people, I like photos of back views too; I feel they have more to say somehow.

The second one, Flowers on the Windowsill is by Carl Larsson of course. I adore all his paintings.

The last three are by Paul Henry. Blasket Island, The Watcher (another back view) and Achill Head. I could have posted five or even all of Paul Henry's pictures but that would maybe have been a bit boring for you. If I ever won the lottery I would love to own one or two of his.

The current header picture by the way is Frances MacDonald McNair's Girl and Butterflies

Well I hope you like them. I will post a few more of my much-loved in future, maybe one at a time when I blog.

Bye for now,


seashell cosmos said...

Cait, I think we are kindred spirits for every single one of those I find wanting to hang here in the beach hut also. I cant pick a favorite either, but haven't you enjoyed this homework?!! Love the Purplecoo!!

Fire Byrd said...

Lovely pictures, I particularly like your header. I shall look forward to seeing more.

toady said...

Thanks for these Cait.
We have similar good taste!

Anonymous said...

I particularly love the ones of Ireland - and yes, please, do go on sharing. It's a treat when we live so far from any art gallery.

Pipany said...

Love the first two particularly Cait. I didn't do my homework because I couldn't choose between the many I love! x

Jude said...

Hello, what beautiful paintings.
I'm originally from LLangollen and still love to go back.

Milla said...

I like the girl in red particularly, something about the sweep of her skirt. And your header which I thought was Arthur Rackham at first glance.

Pondside said...

Hello Cait - these last two posts have had such lovely images. I too love Carl Larsson and recently borrowed a lovely old book from the library - all about his life and work. I'd like to find it at a used book store or site, as it's the sort of book that I'd dip in and out of.

Fennie said...

I want to say the same as Pip. Everytime I see a picture I think I ought to add it to my collection. I haven't done my homework either!!

Bee said...

I came to read your alphabet post, but I was transfixed by these paintings - so gorgeous! The three girls/women shown from the back would have been so nice together . . . but then the others are beautiful, too.

willow said...

I adore the Larsson and have a little tray with the painting on it. Your new header is dreamy.

Elizabeth said...

Utterly blown away by the lovliness of your choices.
Yes, childhood, nature!
The sea!

Ellie said...

Wonderful - particularly like the first one, she seems so wistful.

Wildeve said...

Just arrived here from Willow Manor- you blog is lovely. I love the paintings you've chosen.

Margie said...

Great paintings Cait, love them, your love for Eire is very evident. Love the header too. hugs Margie.

CAMILLA said...

I love all your choice of paintings Cait, but knew I would.!

The little girl with pail I adore, so too girl with red dress, and love the header pic Cait.

Thank you for sharing with us Cait.


FireLight said...

Cait, I am really enjoying browsing through your blog! You and I share many of the same interests. The painting--The Fairytale -- hangs in the nursery in my house. I adore snowdrops and fairies in general! Then there is W.B. Yeats....and Paul Henry!! I have an original travel poster by him from the 1930's in my bedroom: Come to Wicklow... This is an enchanted place you have here!