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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Poem for a Mother

Like A Beacon

In London
every now and then
I get this craving
for my mother's food
I leave art galleries
in search of plantains
saltfish / sweet potatoes

I need this link

I need this touch
of home
swinging my bag
like a beacon
against the cold

© Grace Nichols 1984.

I found this poem in a greeeting card in a library book I was shelving, obviously used as a bookmark by a borrower. Someone had written the poem out by hand in what looked like a card from a son to a mother, but without the name of the poet. The message said

I saw this poem and thought of you.

I thought the poem rang a bell, I may have even blogged it before? A quick Google brought it up. God Bless Google.

Anyway I will try and return it to its rightful owner. Mothers apperciate these sort of things, yes?

1 comment:

Kaycie said...

How sweet. I bet she wonders where that card went. Nice of you to try to get it back to her.