Alexander Averin

Saturday, 7 July 2007


Dear Diary,

Just a quickie this morning.

Never underestimate the power of music, the only universal language.

I hate the negativity in the air about the LIve Earth Concerts going on around the world today. My son is working at the Wembley one. There are always people who will throw cold water on things, people who love to stand by and do nothing but will always criticise those who do something. I don’t include Bob Geldof of course, he did do something with Live Aid and I would have thought he would have been there with more support for those following in his wake. So what if people are travelling to concerts? People are travelling somewhere every day of the week using all manners of transportation. We don’t hear these voices criticising people using planes and helicopters on other days? (what about warfare?)

Hopefully the concerts will make people think about the Earth today even if they don’t give a **** any other day. If only a small percentage of the world’s population are moved to change then their actions it will be worth it. I have noticed that children seem quite switched on about the environmental problems probably because they are learning about it at school. We grandparents should especially care as it is our grandchildren who will inherit the Earth, well we indeed hope there will be an Earth fit to live on for them. As I have said before the planet will survive, it is we humans who have to look out.

Music should always be a source of joy. It is a force that gets energies moving, it can make you happy, it can move you to tears, its effects can be so strong. I hate it when the arts are knocked.

I have just listened to Thought for the Day on Radio 4’s Today prog. and it is quite strange as the speaker has echoed all I have just written. Something in the ether perhaps? Fifty-six percent of the population still believe there is no cause for concern regarding climate change. People do not care about long-term problems, a lot of politicians and business people don’t either, I feel that is the stumbling block. Others like to bury their heads in the sand.

Al Gore calls it ‘a challenge to the moral imagination’. He also said that ’We can all learn how we can become the solution to the problem in the context of our lives’. I feel any world event like this helps to bring people of many nations together and hopefully will make us become united against the ‘enemy’ which can only be a force for change.

I could go on but I have to get ready for work. I will try and blog again later with blessings, positives, pictures, poems and more, maybe even some MUSIC!

I wish you a sunny Saturday.

God Bless,

Bye for now,


Milla said...

am so impressed with you having a playlist! La Mer was played at the end of a dear friend's funeral, it made me cry before I had that association and now ...! Good blog, my kids are passionately anxious about the earth. As should we all. It is our home and how dare we, on our fleeting visit here, think we can trash it for the future.

Anonymous said...

There are so many different kinds of music for people to enjoy I don't think there's any excuse not to listen. Great rant for the weekend. It's about time people opened their eyes and realised that our children are indeed the future of this planet.

Crystal xx

mountainear said...

Hear, hear. I couldn't agree more.

Inthemud said...

So true, very thought provoking blog,
Loved hearing Brothers in arms as i read.

May I tag you for doing your list of 5 Things that help to pull you out of the doldrums?If you've not done them already Just done mine

Pondside said...

I, also, resent the negativity that surrounds any endeavour - people are always ready with the 'cant's' and the 'shouldn'ts'. Anything that can be done to bring attention to the world's problems needs to be supported. Live Earth 2007 will grab the attention of many who have been sitting on the fence - much like the Live Aid and Farm Aid concerts of the 80's and 90's.

The Country Craft Angel said...

That is so true-we are always trying to re-inforce the message of global warming and the earth today to our boys. They have such a good grasp of it.

warm wishes

snailbeachshepherdess said...

totally agree. Have always made sure my three understand that the planet is not simply 'throw away' and it looks like youngest will be following the environmental trail onwards in his studies

CAMILLA said...

A truly deep and interesting blog Dear Cait. I agree that people are always ready to agree with certain policies, but some just sit around on "the fence" waiting for others to sort out. Have you heard the old sixty's record, by Chris Montez, called Let's Dance, I heard it coming along in my car the other day,took me back to years ago. I like Classical Music, but do enjoy a wide range of different music, it kept me going when I was on my own late into the night, when my husband was in hospital.

bodran... said...

YeY !!!!!!! stay on that soap box but budge over i'll join you...xxxx

Exmoorjane said...

Couldn't agree more. Never can quite understand why nobody 'gets' that if we don't look after the earth we won't have a home! I suppose the only good news is that it's becoming 'trendy' to be green...... a bit icky but if it gets people thinking about change, have to go with it.
On another issue, I am so cross I don't have speakers on my computer -I can see the little line jumping up and down to the music, but hear nothing!! Shucks.

FunkyMunky said...

I think the concerts are a great idea and I do hope that they make people more aware. Personally, although I try to do my bit for the environment, I'm disappointed at the examples that are set to us from governments, large organisaions etc - they doesn't exactly inspire us ordinary folk to do the right thing and unfortunately, I don't think a few concerts, however high profile, will change that!

Sadly, the reality is that we live in a greedy, selfish world.