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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Coffee Talk

This is another take on the picture below, not my work but I liked it and wanted to share with you.

Coffee Talk (a poem)

Plain people
In their tailored suits
And perfectly polished dress shoes,
They tap manicured fingers
While waiting for stiff drinks
And wonder what poets across the room
talk about over the messy edges of café tables,
Toppling bottles of half-drank wine,
And the coffee-stained pages
We exchange as if sharing secrets:
That an unleashed mind is a happy life,
How the whole world spins,
A shedding wilderness of words
From a vortex in the frontal lobes
Of our dishevelled brains, so full
Of good films and literary autobiographies
That there’s no time left to lend to reality TV,
How fluid the body is when words
Become art and the pen fills the skin,
How sustainable love lives when veiled
In the expression of shameless creation.,
How strong the pull of death
Into so many notebooks,
Brash handwriting of well-lived moments,
The grand metamorphosis immortalized.
How meaningful the lonely moments
Of this night can stretch themselves
Into the star shine of a haiku or soliloquy,
Ink-covered hands and blood-shot eyes
Crossing themselves like prayers across
First drafts and pages full of paragraphs,
my crusted coffee cups spent of words,
Those blue, curvy mamas who open
morning windows and warm my wintered hands.

 Stacy Lyn Mar

Written for a prompt at Magpie Tales.


Anonymous said...

I love your description of the creative process. Writing poetry is truly an exhilirating exprience - definitely better than watching reality TV. :-)

Katherine said...

Very descriptive write Cait...nicely done!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful and wonderful leap off from the picture.
Aren't people endlessly fascinating to make up stories and poems about?
I still mean to get to the "Why I Write" post.

Cait O'Connor said...

Just to confirm what i say in the post - I didn't write this poem - wish I had though!