Alexander Averin

Tuesday 29 April 2014

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No. Just as one can never learn how to paint.
Pablo Picasso

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Paintings are a dream, more than just colours:
red, blue, green, yellow.
Books are an experience, more than paper and ink.
Some folk can taste the shapes of the  letters,
touch the sounds of the storyteller’s voice,
and can even smell the words on the page.
Music is a language, more than the food of love,
more than sound, we feel it somewhere down deep.
Someone said, play the notes and listen hard;
D flat is deep plum, Middle C sapphire blue.
Some folk play inner chords in the key of
silence, dreaming their own private rainbows,
whose palette’s intensity is quiet,
always muted, not florid, lurid or loud.
Some spend their whole lives under the water,
blindfold, deaf and dumb.
Some see coloured auras others cannot see,
hear voices from another place and time,
but  keep all their inner secrets silent.
Some babies born from the Light, in colours
soft, quiet and under-stated, soon blossom
into brilliance, in tune with memories
of Spirit’s dazzling primary colours:
red, blue, green and yellow.

Cait O’Connor


Kay G. said...

I love your poem and the painting to go with it.
I am, I admit, to a strange fascination with colors. I suspect that I am on the autism spectrum, but never mind, I will just say that I am on the ARTISTIC spectrum!

DAB said...

Beautiful words :-) DAB (TFx)

Susan Anderson said...

I love this poem and all it says so well.

And that image is perfect. One of my favorites from him.


Frances said...

Cait, I think that by now you know how much I also love color...not just one color...all of them.

It's now been a while since I actually painted with oil paint, and the length of that while pains and shames me. Still, my memories of those painting times remind me of when choosing a color I could almost sense the taste of a color. I definitely felt a crossover communication between two senses.

Thank you for this poem and the reminder of my memories.


Jinksy said...

And language is music...

Loved both poem and colourful painting - you strike me as a real kindred spirit. :-)

Irish Eyes said...

Absolutely glorious; at the moment your wonderful blog is singing to me. I am also glancing out at the garden from the study window. In a woody part of the garden the bluebells are dancing in a light breeze; the "Granny's Bonnet's" are starting to come into bloom and there are two siskins having a row on a bird feeder. Your words add to the graciousness of the day.