Alexander Averin

Monday, 5 August 2013

Now I am an old -er woman

With apologies to Jenny Joseph
Now I am an old –er woman I  wear a lot more purple.
I have no summer gloves and  keep only medicinal brandy.
I have no satin sandals, actually I have no sandals but my shoes always have to be red.
I don’t eat butter as a rule (but some food like scones and Irish soda bread just have to
have it I agree).
I am a big lover of hats, all types for all seasons and hope that they suit me.
(Bandanas are starting to appeal, they also cover the grey).
I would never sit on a pavement and don’t believe you would either, not the ones round
here anyway,
I haven’t got a stick....yet... but would enjoy the rattling of one very much, I am sure.
My youth was not that sober if I remember it well.
I spend all my pension on bird food, books and plants and then I say we have no money
for food.
I nap when I’m tired or whenever my bed calls me.
I often rant and rage; becoming a revolutionary seems very appealing.
I despair about  standards and the idiots in charge, the corruption, the greed, you know
what I mean.
I despise authority even more than when I was young – er.
I love soft, comfy clothes and sensible shoes.
I am happiest in the garden, planting flowers or pulling up weeds or browsing in a bookshop
(or a library!)
I love walking in the rain (but not in my slippers), talking to animals, singing and
penning my words.
I very much relish going to bed with a book and a mug of cocoa.
I hate anyone who spits and would never steal flowers from other folk’s gardens.
I can eat what I like, when I like, stay up half the night and lie in bed all day.
I only get lost in a book or listening to music.
I am still allowed out on my own.
I only hoard books, have no real vices but I spend too much time on the net.
I have given up reading the papers.
I swear, but never in the street.
I am close to becoming a hermit, a mad woman who lives on the hill.
I hope I am not a bad example to the grandchildren.
Cait O’Connor


Pondside said...

I love it. I don't think you could be a bad example. I'm sure you'll be a fine example of how a woman lives her life to her own satisfaction.

Mac n' Janet said...

You are exactly as you should be! I quit reading newspapers when I retired, only watch the local news to catch the weather, live in shorts in the summer and jeans in the winter, I try to never swear, did too much of that when I was younger, I don't have a stick either, but I'd definitely rattle the railings if I did, I wear hats in the summer to protect my poor nose and love walking in a soft rain, I spend way too much money on books and regret none of if, this is no longer the world I grew up in and I prefer to live in books, bless my husband who lets me be just who I am.

Mary said...

I absolutely love this. It is absolutely priceless, one of the best things I have read in a while. I think Jenny Joseph would like it too. I myself am a Teva shoe wearer, never wear hats though I think they are cool. I hope never to have a stick unless some year I need a weapon. hA. Maybe I will write my own poem. Smiles.

Lorely Forrester said...

Lovely - and I agree with just about all of that - especially spending all my money on plants (and yarn!) and being happiest out in the garden pulling up weeds and planting. Don't think I'd sit on the pavement either!
I love Jenny Joseph's poem, and think I'd certainly rattle my stick along the railings (when I have a stick) and might even steal the odd flower from someone's garden!

beth said...

you are not a bad example to are you, simply YOU and that's a beautiful thing !!!


Gigi Thibodeau said...

This made me smile! My mother-in-law has this poem framed and hanging in her bathroom, and I read it every single time I visit her house. I love your response to it! I think you and I have an awful lot in common, and the older I get, the more I can imagine becoming a madwoman on the hill. I love nothing more than being left alone with my garden and books. Oh, and I don't like people who spit either! :)

Pam said...

How wonderful Cait.
Can relate to it all, but would have to substitute medicinal brandy for Spanish sherry, and being short of stature, any kind of hat makes me look like a mushroom.
I'm a secret one-flower picker now and then - it seems like there is often so much to share - and looks so pretty in my hatless hair!

Frances said...

Cait, your listing poem was so much fun to read. I enjoyed thinking about the degree to which I saw myself in each description, line by line.

May I say that I do envy you your grandchildren. How fortunate they are and will be to know you and your beauty and wisdom and talent. How fortunate you are and will be to share time with them.

How fortunate I am to be able to see your poetry hereabouts.