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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Garden Thoughts

Pot Pourri, Herbert James Draper 1863-1920
Garden Thoughts

I am perennial, lasting, stalwart and courageous;

fragile but not brittle or insubstantial for I am an enchantress

and shall not easily crumble, fracture or fragment.

I am hardy, tough, bouncing back whatever may befall me.

I am pastel, soft-hued, sweet-scented,

seemingly gentle, quiet and tender.

(Keep me from exotics, the red-hot, fiery fervent types,

those hot-house specimens will only disturb my roots).

Plant me near water in semi-shade,

let me flourish in a space where only warm sun shines

and the soft rains of Ireland fall.

Keep bees around me; may you and they enjoy my scent and colour,

let my ambrosial, aromatic balm scent your days and sate your senses.

Preserve my petals in pot pourri or a pouncet box.

Do not prune me, cut me back or take cuttings from my stems so I

may bloom and bud and for you I may even set seed, if you nurture me,

speak to me often and gaze at me with love.

Think of me in winter when I am unseen but un-dead,

hiding with the dormouse in a deep,

and sweet-sleep hibernation under a snowy blanket of white.

Wait for me for I shall return.

Do not lose hope,

Keep me in your heart and your imagination.


Cait O’Connor


Mrs Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Beautiful words .... and perfect illustration of the richness of summer. A favourite of mine and is currently my facebook cover. x

Pam said...

Cait that is one of the most beautiful pieces I've read. I would like to keep it somewhere special to read and re-read. You have such a way with words.

Friko said...

Garden thoughts for those days when we are not just working hard but taking the time to contemplate the miracles growing all around us.

Cait, Blogger has stopped telling me that your blog has gone private for the first time in months. I hope it stays that way.